Geraldine Issue No.2

We are so honored and delighted to be featured in Geraldine Magazine once again. This styled shoot by Joy Proctor is breath taking. Take a look at the stunning photography by Michael Radford. Geraldine Magazine is a must read. Not only are the photographs frame worthy but the magazine itself is gorgeous! Purchase the last two Issues HERE.


tv-wLl5SkChjSSVrdSO5WN5YOem7Lyz7EiSaqsId_DY 1FuWfNvmQbjvHqRmC-cduVg3ZWLx6uXHVJNPSz_XOWg,yq3MjpkO9UU9atxo21MErO-1eLMW2YkJE4ucn_1_OLA EbZ_11JQeX79_OEVmo2OiDI0_7KFn2b2YT2G4E6SPSs,8vKW_SRxg54Am8cv3240v6lmm5nZoqsd-DSDvN0v4fw KKJdMroMVcia6ETVywwuSNIxdZn3O1MKscmUGoc6Q8U 9jJQLbtyUGD79qaIH-CmVgVfcy-kvVFOWS6SQXs6PrQ MhCH7ejyTM1B-iRkb5Zu_-pAjdg7hvYxDZ39HVOzgq4 T4mTe9r-hrf1Ul3IY0EDCFg45IwkG3VMPmbceYSLXDc TlOhhaDRSQ9mwu8g2SPWhNWJP0adSQcO8Oh1IAXlJRc 2YHkTHNOYnvY3Rmh8whMeWfJJPjtLYfoOTGYt36dt8c cmq4JOq9_NW5M6E9tEDbhLAVbefLjRh04b-mNLee8Ew aV1tX5gUXZMttd-5MV3aRsmZTbdiCf37m2vcaylIGT8 6JMBx_aTFslB-4WHy2rq9_8wbnGQSkGSZ_QGBg_oRGg oxIVz7l3e9L9bSb5zMyMUhYTT1JarJHJrAQ0UkUA-w4 9McQiZ9aCfgFDAAKCFjAIUbyUJLe51-2BcoW6_NPJvw 72WlEfgOCBh3MfDAoQu22tx7B7AkU6yGtzFMZy0uvjI crCZ_yWb7huCsHlxdQGX-5w41FcWTDBYLdJiN6a7L84 oCYpBetqbhhPlXcgY1_kPd31Xxua_pb0BGH3kik2wgo W5ggHxXKdP2FniDrSzhbdxB_9FVl_DpL2onIC4zKA1E HV3fSBm07s7-2Ef6DNlPMcW9StEPReCYTfs7dPawYEw I3JRJv7nNe_w_PtAj3qeYH_RkT-8jyTYIDzuXJDSoS0 YvmH4gjH1E_-EKb-DqA80jrG2lGXxig_2pXl-l_Ikh4


Styled by: Joy Proctor / Photography: Michael Radford Photography / Table Top: Casa De Perrin / Florals: Tinge Floral / Paper: Written Word / Cake:  La Cupella  / Dress: Zuhair Murad  / Venue: Bacara Resort


One Table, Three Ways

We are so excited to share our new Domaine Table today. The white painted top is like a blank canvas!  Take a look below as we style this classic table in three completely different looks ranging from eclectic, to glamorous, and refined… The possibilities are endless!!

EMP_8714 EMP_8698 7 EMP_8685 8 EMP_8696 EMP_8689 EMP_8702 EMP_8725 EMP_8728 EMP_8732 5 EMP_8738 EMP_8747 4 EMP_8760 EMP_8767 EMP_8779 EMP_8783 3 2 EMP_8790 1 EMP_8793 EMP_8770




Take a look at our most recent Color Theory Look Book! There you’ll also see our eclectic table scape alongside some of our favorite PINK pieces from the {found} collection!


European Buying Trip {Première Partie}

I’m so very excited to share some pics from my recent buying trip to Europe that my wonderful hubby took along the way. This is one of the rare times I will post pics of myself, but I love the way Joel shot me doing what I love. To see even more from our adventures head over to My French Country Home where Sharon has posted more of the scenic part of our trip! So much beauty!

So here is a quick photo tour of our journey across the beautiful countryside of France. Entering the gates of our home away from home…that of the Santoni FamilyJEM_0813

The cottage we called home for two weeks…JEM_1749


our furry friends Gibson and Ghetto…

JEM_1786and our view of the gorgeous home of Sharon Santoni JEM_0707

How our days began…JEM_0577

Driving past fields of green, and the most beautiful scenes you could ever dream up…JEM_0582

Through small villages that you think only exist in the movies…JEM_0603


vibrant colors that feel more like a painting than reality…JEM_0614

We went to so many dealers and country fairs it would have been next to impossible to capture every aspect of our journey….but here is a glimpse. JEM_0446 That’s me, getting in every nook and cranny to see what can be found!  JEM_0368 JEM_0381 JEM_0399 JEM_0402 JEM_0412 JEM_0438 JEM_0448And sometimes you gotta climb ladders to get the one (or 20) you want!  JEM_0458 JEM_0491 JEM_0495  We took time to stop at beautiful churches (there’s at least one in every village) and we were always excited to see the ones with the doors open welcoming anyone to come in and admire the beauty within. JEM_0541 JEM_0548 JEM_0549     I can’t hardly express how lucky we felt to come home to this house everyday after a long day of pickin’…It is even more magical in person! JEM_0667 JEM_0642 Unloading a truck full of goodies into Sharon’s barn and driveway was an experience all on it’s own…. JEM_0680 2 JEM_0687 JEM_0688 JEM_0690 JEM_0692 JEM_0697 JEM_0701 Joel loved taking Gibby on walks up to see Sharons horses and all the beauty surrounding their home…JEM_0715 JEM_0717 JEM_0750 JEM_0791 JEM_0886 JEM_0899 JEM_0916 JEM_0923 We met so many friends along the way…JEM_0924 JEM_0928 JEM_0929 JEM_0955 And shopped in the most beautiful places I could ever imagine.JEM_0977 JEM_0982 JEM_0984 JEM_1003 JEM_1005 Drooled over gorgeous chateau’s hiding in the trees…JEM_1022 Stopped at the most beautiful places for lunch JEM_1041 and got right back to the pickin’ JEM_1064 JEM_1073 JEM_1078 JEM_1083 JEM_1109 JEM_1118 JEM_1136 JEM_1158 always finding time to stop and smell the beautiful flowers along the way. JEM_1166 At the end of every day we would unload the truck and photograph all of the finds of the day….and yes, this is one days worth!  JEM_1184 JEM_1210 JEM_1212 JEM_1219 And most days ended in a celebratory glass of champgne….When in France!JEM_1237

And the next day we would head right back out to new and fabulous places full of amazing things….JEM_1352 JEM_1335 JEM_1337 JEM_1343

Seriously though….JEM_1561 Loved all of the stores full of amazing piecesJEM_1620 And made lots of new friends I can’t wait to get back to visit! JEM_1623 You don’t find antiique stores like this in our neck of the woods! JEM_1627 JEM_1650 Joel wasn’t with me for the first four days of the journey, but he did have the pleasure (maybe not the word he would use) of going back to all of the places I had bought from and barns I had stored all of my treasures to pick everything up….JEM_1693 JEM_1857 JEM_1864

On our second to the last night in Normandy we stayed at this beautiful chateau near the next days flea market in Amiens. A day I will never forget. Heading there at o’dark thirty and spending our last day tackling the ten sqaure miles of a city that shuts down the streets for this fair….pure heaven! JEM_1942 JEM_1921 JEM_1947 Gotta have lots of bags to load smalls in along the way, because one of my least favorite things to do is waste time going back and forth to the car and to pick things up! I just like to keep moving forward! JEM_1959 Not a bad backdrop for shopping, right? JEM_1966 JEM_2019 JEM_2022 I had bought this cart from a dealer knowing it would be the perfect way for us to load things up in Amiens. Luckily Joel is an amazingly supportive husband who loaded this thing to the max time after time and took it back to the truck to unload, and meet back up with us to load it up again. JEM_2039

ImageThis last picture is of my favorites, taken by Joel on his phone. It was the end of our last day, our final hours of shopping in a little piece of heaven on earth and I couldn’t get enough! The rain didn’t bother me. The shopping all day on 4 hours sleep, no big deal. The thought of leaving this place, however, was not easy! I just love it all so much. The thrill of finding beautiful things and bringing them back to be appreciated by so many…I never get sick of it. I get butterflies on my way to every flea market, every dealer, every purchase…..I love it, and because of this, know I am doing exactly what I should be.

Thanks for making it through this entire post! And to think, this is only part one!

Oh, and if you would like an inside look at one of my favorite warehouses we visited, check out this GoPro video Joel shot!


Chloe’s 100th Day Celebration

What an adorable Korean 100th day celebration for this little girl ! This beautiful soiree was embellished with blush and cream decor with plenty of {found} pieces too. Oh it’s so darling!!

chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-6 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-1 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-2 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-1-21 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days_decor-1 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-4-2 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-1-5 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days_decor-1-2 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-8 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-7 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-4 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days_decor-1-4 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-cake2 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days_decor-1-3 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days-11 chriselle_lim_chloe_victoria_chen_100_days_hugging-1



Event design & florals- Shawna Yamomoto / Invitations: Our HeiDay / Cakes/Cupcakes: MisoBakes / Nail Truck: The Nail Truck / Photography: Jana Williams 

Color Theory: PINK

Pink, its THE favorite and most requested hue, here at {found}, by Brides to be. From light barely there blushes, to rosy pinks and deep rubies, we have just the pieces you are looking for. Whether you are looking to saturate your soiree in pink or just add a POP. Our custom pillows made from a variety of linens, velvets, and vintage Chinese marriage blankets, are perfect for just a hint! Take a look at our new Color Theory Look Book for inspiration for your next event.

EMP_8639 EMP_8643 EMP_8652 EMP_8670 EMP_8672~jeni

Pieces Featured: Roma Couch, Mina Couch, Patine Blush Couch, Patine Armchairs, Langoustina Couch, Langoustina Settee, Degas Settee, Degas Armchair, Felicia Armchair, Pinot Armchairs, Bisque Armchairs, Jackson Couch, Jordana Blush Settee, Jamie Blush Settee, Janine Blush SetteeFauna Armchair.

Photographed by: STUDIO EMP

Bridal Shower Inspiration

Crate & Barrel used some of our most loved pieces in a recent blog feature showcasing their Bridal Shower Gift Table Ideas. Crate & Barrel also collaborated with 100 Layer Cake for this fun Bridal Shower Styled shoot. You’ll see our Mina Couch, Bouquet Rug, Quartz Side Table, Bisque Armchairs, and last but not least our Jane Coffee Table!

crate-barrel-bridal-shower-gifts bridal-shower-gift-table-ideas bride-with-gifts bridal-shower-gifts bridal-shower-gift-table gift-tag-bridal-shower opening-gifts-bridal-shower bride-opening-gifts


To see more inspiration, head over to 100 Layer cake HERE.


Styling: 100 Layer Cake / Photos: Scott Clark Photo / Flowers: Holly Flora / Cakes and desserts: Sheila Mae / Calligraphy: Joya Rose / Bride: Danielle of Envision Pretty / Furniture rentals: Found Vintage Rentals / Hair & Makeup: Fiore Beauty

Romantic Loft Styled Shoot

As seen recently on Style Me Pretty,  this gorgeous shoot styled by To La Lune  and photographed by Morgan Lamkin featured beautiful blooms by Modern Bouquet ,as well as some pretty {found} pieces, to create a dreamy loft wedding …

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Found pieces used: Crema Dining Chair, Ferguson Candelabra, Oso Stools, Pruitt Farm Table.

Photography: Morgan Lamkin | Event Stylist: To La Lune | Floral Design: Modern Bouquet | Dress: Chaviano Couture | Hair & Makeup: 1011 Makeup | Wedding Venue: Luce Loft | Furniture Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals | Veil & Headpiece: Twigs & Honey