Fun new finds….

Finally, I feel like I can breathe again! Since I started this company 8 months ago, I have been doing so many wonderful things, that I have hardly had time to sit back and look at all!

We thought you might like a peek at some of our new favorites in the studio. Enjoy!


All the pictures are from Studio EMP.

5 thoughts on “Fun new finds….

  1. hi jeni – i’ve met you a couple times and am friends with brian/kristy of PAS…anyway…I just HAD to tell you how beautiful this all is! I walk into your studio just to inhale it all. I’m so inspired by your work and have shared with my husband how neat it has been to see how your business bloom and flourish!

    You kinda make me want to get married again! But we’ll settle for a vintage photo shoot sometime in our future.

    Thank you again for inspiring!!! ;) It really has me all giddy! Haha!

  2. Your studio seriously needs to be in a design magazine. So pretty…I can’t get over the library wall with the ladder. :) Hope to work with you again soon.

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