Online Inventory Gallery & a $500 Giveaway

We’re ecstatic to announce our brand new super cool and exciting online Inventory Gallery. We’ve been working hard for months to photograph our collection, develop our inventory system, and share as much as we can with you. We’ve included lots of info for each of our pieces and hope you’ll take some time to browse through our collection of vintage furniture and accessories.

Be sure to notice all of the features. There are categories for each of our inventory types including upholstered Couches & Chairs, Tables (including side tables, farm tables, and everything in between), Dining & Folding Chairs, Benches & Stools (including our vintage church pews), Other Furniture, Trunks & Suitcases, Architectural Items, Frames, Large Accessories, and Small Accessories. Each item has a name, description, & we’re adding more dimensions to the website all the time.

We also want to be sure that you see the fun tags system. Say you’re looking for a couch but once you’re browsing through, you decide you really want to see all of our button-tufted pieces or lounge furniture. Just click on the tag and you’ll get a gallery of each of those items. If you’re planning a celebration with a green theme, you can check out all of the items in that color. If you want to see our items with chippy paint, you got it. Use the tags to see what we suggest for favors, guest books, or desserts.

We hope this new part of our website inspires your next celebration. We’re so glad to share these pieces with you. If you’re interested in a custom proposal, please feel free to email us with your event date, location, and list of items you’re interested in. If you would like us to suggest some pieces, let us know which items you love so we can build a lounge or display around it. We hope this online collection will help you create just the right environment for your occassion.

With our growing inventory, be sure to check back often to see what’s new. We’ll be adding more images and items as often as possible. As always, we’re also open to custom pieces. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please let us know. We’re often able to find or create pieces that will be perfect for you and a great addition to our collection. We hope this new gallery is a helpful tool but we still want to hear about your event. We get super excited about celebrations and want to be personally involved in yours.

We can’t wait to hear what you think so we decided to have a little celebration. We’re giving away a $500 credit for vintage rentals. Here’s what you need to do to win it:

1. Check out our new online inventory gallery

2. Post a direct link to your favorite item from the new gallery on your Twitter or Facebook page and tell your friends that it is your fave.

3. Comment on this post by Wednesday 1/12 at 11:59 pm and tell us what you would do with the credit if you won. We’d love to hear how you would use your vintage rentals from Found.

You’ve got to do all three steps to win. The giveaway is open to everyone: brides, event coordinators, photographers, and anyone who wants rad vintage rentals. We’ll be picking the winner using and will announce the lucky person on Friday. The $500 credit can be used for rentals from Found Vintage Rentals in 2011 (it can’t be used to cover delivery fees or styling services). Good luck!

47 thoughts on “Online Inventory Gallery & a $500 Giveaway

  1. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!! Having a credit with you guys would be so awesome! I would use some pieces in my upcoming shoots and would ROCK it!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I would use an opportunity to expand on the vintage romance theme we are using for our wedding. I would love to get a few small accessories for the cake table such as the candle pillars and maybe some bird cages for tea lights and the present table. The ideas are endless in my head… Love it all.

  3. My fiancé and I are getting married in May. We would love to use some of these beautiful pieces to create a unique and memorable experience for our guests :)

  4. My niece is getting married in March and the wedding is a vintage inspired Alice in Wonderland theme. The credit would be used for props to help create an unforgettable event.
    Eat this! Drink this! Pick me!

  5. LOVE your style and vision! Would love to use just about any of your treasures found in an upcoming shoot of ours. Thanks for the opportunity! =)

  6. I absolutely LOVE your vintage church pews… although I have a baby shower coming up and it would be nice to add to my own furniture and create some more seating with your upholstered chairs. I also want to do a create-your-own cupcake station and would love using some of your accessories to decorate it.

    I probably will anyways, even if I don’t win the $500!! :)

  7. Beautiful! Love the new site! How can you ask me to pick just one favorite! I LOVE everything and could think of a styled shoot for every item! But since you asked, I have a vintage military styled shoot that I am dying to get together and I would love to use the credit towards the shoot for a chair and small props plus maybe some more!

  8. Love the site and totally love the yellow chair # 488. I will totally use so many more things then this but I was totally inspired by the color of this chair to take it and maybe a suitcase or two our for a fun pre-spring boudoir shoot! :) I think it will just look really fab in a field of green and yellow mustard, with a beautiful gal in a warm fuzzy knit sweater lounging on it! :) So excited I also love suit case 436 that is totally my vintage and color!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Everything is so full of character; I love it! I would definitely use the credit to bring a vision to life. I have been imagining a photo shoot in my mind set in a beautiful forest with vintage furniture, frames, trunks, etc. All of this would surround a vintage-dressed couple, possibly for engagement or wedding photos.

  10. Love this site! Would use every penny of the credit to style images for eco luxe weddings. My passion is to use all things over and over again to create a unique event with history. BTW and save the environment. :)

  11. We’re having a backyward wedding, so I would use rent chairs for myself and the groom to sit in, as well as a table/desk for the desserts. I would also love to use the great selection of couches to do a lounge area over near the fire put where we are having DIY smores for the guests.

  12. I am having a dramatic, romantic, French, vintage themed wedding reception with birdcages, and a Smilebooth, a Sweet and Saucy dessert bar that needs some chic vintage decor and a foyer that needs a scrolly, rusty iron gate to display escort cards and florals!

  13. Love all the frames and tweeted about my favorite! (@himma2)

    I would use the coupon to invest in several frames for my upcoming wedding to eventually be transfered over to our new home. I love all the different varieties and detail in all the frames available!


  14. I love it all and I would definitely use it for our escort card table since we are crafting for a rustic but food themed wedding. The Santa Fe wooden table just jumps out to me like a pair of gorgeous shoes…love at first sight.

    Oh wait, I love all the chairs too and would love to have them placed around the reception area so guests could relax during the night and enjoy everything.

  15. I would use the Bannerton Wood Doors to create a rad, unique arch for my wedding! I know Sweet Emilia Jane could work her magic and help me create something amazing! I would also use pieces that tell stories of time as decor throughout, love the clocks and luggage! Very fitting since my finance and I have been together for over 10 years and are finally making it happen! I’m so excited!! Love your stuff! Would love to incorporate it! Thanks!!

  16. Love the mariner basket because I have been looking for something just like it to use as an end table in my living room.

    If I won, I’d pick something funky to include in the photo shoot we plan to do of my kids and my nieces and nephews this summer…

    Or, I’d throw a party and invite Ali!

  17. The Clevenger White Table would be the perfect cake table at my wedding this summer. It would go with the vintage, romantic feel I am trying to create…with the help of my awesome coordinators from Joyful Weddings and Events. I also love so many of the accessories.
    Crossing my fingers!!

  18. I have “found” and could definitely check off my “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” with so many of your pieces from your inventory.
    With some of those couches in tote for our wedding the ideas could be endless. As far as right now goes, I’m thinking…have the grandparents and parents of the bride and groom sit in style in the front row during the cermony itself.!/profile.php?id=1273611018

  19. i would use your loooovely frames everywhere in our venue! our theme is loosely travel-related, so the frames would work well as a motif for “travel snapshots”

  20. Tough to choose, but I’ll pick the Drake Green box under small accessories. Too cute for many decor needs, but I would love to do a library index card guest book with these drawers. If I won, I would allow one of my favorite clients to use the credit towards their rental for their wedding.

  21. I would use these pieces to create a couple very unique settings throughout my wedding in June. These couches and chairs would really stand out at my venue and would be a blast to have every attendee take a picture on.

  22. I would definitely want to use the Thompson Globe as a centerpiece for our “roads-less-traveled” themed wedding. The topology and the base remind me of my old Rand McNally from when I was a kid, and the colors mesh well with the dusty quality we want to evoke with our decorations.

  23. AH! I LOVE the Katelyn Drop Leaf Table – and I would use it, bare and beautiful, at my wedding this May!

    Crossing my fingers!

  24. I would use some of the tables to enhance the rustic chic feel of my sister’s wedding along with some of the sofas and ottomans for the outside seating area and for bridal party “sets” for photography of course!

  25. Just posted my favorite pick on facebook – the Claire Pink Settee. I’m a family photographer and I have been dreaming about it for a spring portrait party/style shoot ever since I last rented a chair for my Halloween portrait party and saw it in the showroom. The website is fabulous, and I’m so happy it’s up. Now I can share pictures and perhaps get clients excited about more styling for their sessions!

  26. Lily Glass Photography is revealing it’s newest portrait addition in 2011: Lifestyle[d] Engagement sessions that are styled to fit the unique personalities and life-stage of the couple. I (lily), team up with friend and stylist (nichole), to create a relaxed, comfortable setting which documents the couple’s tastes and interests. Any of these pieces would be perfect additions! Thanks for all the inspiration, too!

  27. Wow!!! I have been searching on-line for vintage furniture and props for our daughter’s wedding in August. I am amazed at what you have to offer. They have chosen the Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse as their location because it will give both families a place to meet and spend some time together. (The groom’s family is from Maryland and we are from New Hampshire). We would use some of your benches for the ceremony, and I love your sugar molds for holding vases of flowers and candles. What a wonderful atmosphere we could create with your $500 giveaway.

  28. This contest is soo awesome! My fiance and I are going for a vintage themed wedding & would love to use this credit for creating a beautiful and one of kind experience for our guests. Specifically, I’d use the credit to get a large table to display our dessert buffet, possibly to create a lounge area for our cocktail hour, or towards creating a unique and beautiful sweetheart table with cute chairs. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  29. Just looked through your entire online catalog and found my new favorite place for unique and vinatge rentals! we are so excited to have found you especially with our upcomming wedding that we are planning… your items are simply perfect for this! We need the Schubert Blue Settee for the sweetheart chair!! if we won the $500 we would use it towards one of our brides weddings so that we can add some extra special touches to her special day! SOOOOO EXCITED TO TOUCH, FEEL AND SEE ALL OF YOUR VINTAGE AWESOME-NESS IN PERSON!

  30. Thanks for this lovely giveaway! With the $500 credit, I’d make our homey August wedding just a little bit homier: some scattered upholstered chairs, a rustic guest book & dessert table, and some fabulous accessories.

  31. Oh my! I’d love to use some found goodies for my BFF’s bridal shower this summer! She threw me an amazing one last year, and in return as her matron of honor, I’d love to a beautiful shower with some home spun touches!

  32. This contest is so much fun. Yet, so hard to pick from your AH-Mazing catalog what we would actually use for the $500 give away where do I begin…. I would love to build on to the elegance of the ranch we are getting married at and, add a ton of these wonderful finds! I would love to create a lounge area outside where my quests could go and mingle, and a wooden table for my cake. Though I would have to say the Ashlan Route Sign Wingback and then the Abigail Route Sign Ottomans are two of my most favorite items!!! My fingers are crossed!!!
    Thank you so much for giving one of us the opportunity to win!

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