Sofie + Matt

First of all, I just have to say that the McCormick Ranch House is an absolutely beautiful venue, don’t you think? It looks so intimate and peaceful. Sofie and Matt did such an amazing job with the fine details, with no stones left unturned. As always, it is an honor to be a part of such gorgeous events. mat-sof-wed-0180mat-sof-wed-0239mat-sof-wed-0172mat-sof-wed-0232mat-sof-wed-0209mat-sof-wed-0257mat-sof-wed-0378mat-sof-wed-0258mat-sof-wed-0413mat-sof-wed-0419mat-sof-wed-0445mat-sof-wed-0288mat-sof-wed-0519mat-sof-wed-0574emat-sof-wed-0273mat-sof-wed-0716mat-sof-wed-0620Mix  of two

mat-sof-wed-0114mat-sof-wed-0858mat-sof-wed-0701mat-sof-wed-0670mat-sof-wed-0769Check out more from this lovely wedding on Wedding Chicks!

Thank you Sofie and Matt, for including us in your wedding, everything was absolutely gorgeous!



The Found pieces featured in Sofie + Matt’s wedding are the Walter Shelf, Adeline White Desk, Gregory Wingback Chair, Jordana Blush Settee, Jocelyn Tufted Cushion, Felicity Coffee Table, McKinley Gold Side Table, Draper Gold Side Table, Leah Cream Table, Kelton Green Table, Duffy Pink Scale, Francine Vanity Mirror, Dixon Metal Fan, Bradbury Green Suitcase, Ashford Blue Suitcase, Thompson Globe, Clocks, and Dickinson Vintage Books¬†


2 thoughts on “Sofie + Matt

  1. Wow, thank you for such a beautiful blog post on our wedding! I love the photos you have selected to feature! The amazing rentals from Found turned our wedding into our dream wedding, complete with the Jordana Blush Settee that I had dreamed of using since I first saw it featured in another wedding! Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service as well!

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