Friday Finale…Rebecca + David

I just love this wedding so much! The colors, the venue, and of course….the church pews. I love how Rebecca and David look so perfectly calm and relaxed….as it should be. Blessed to have been a part of this beautiful day! 5233993059f98$!900x523398ff70e29$!900x5233995b5df16$!900x52339a982cfdd$!900x52339a0a8637a$!900x52339563bf435$!900x5233968730d7e$!900x5233957e6fcec$!900x52339bf106ea5$!900x523395a3646c2$!900x52338c46133c0$!900x52339ae5cfc1b$!900x52339d2eaec16$!900x52338cbecef51$!900x5233937f80a04$!900x5233945d09083$!900x523394065265c$!900x5233946ee375c$!900x523392b1cceee$!900x523392e18d03b$!900x-15233925b90838$!900x523390e0ab01c$!900x523390287f1a8$!900x52338c8c8bc95$!900x5233891c34310$!900x52338b113fbfb$!900x52339cb19049d$!900x52338784b74e9$!900x


See more of this beautiful wedding over at Style Me Pretty!

Happy Friday!



The Found Rentals Pieces featured in Rebecca and David’s wedding are the Devine White Church Pews, Filmore Wallpaper Table, Adelene Cream Side Table, Cosette White Bistro Chair, Junction Dough Bowl, and the Drew Wooden Box.

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