Heather + Cheyne.. Tuscan Inspired Wedding

Starting this week off right with a beautiful wedding at one of my all time favorite places, Sunstone Winery. This wedding was perfectly put together, down to every last detail, by the always amazing girls over at Sterling Social Events, and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it! Check out even more of this beautiful wedding over at Green Wedding Shoes! Gorgeous, right?! CH-wedding-001CH-wedding-006CH-wedding-012CH-wedding-013CH-wedding-014CH-wedding-017CH-wedding-018CH-wedding-023CH-wedding-030CH-wedding-036CH-wedding-052CH-wedding-059CH-wedding-064CH-wedding-071CH-wedding-072CH-wedding-083CH-wedding-084CH-wedding-087CH-wedding-094CH-wedding-102CH-wedding-103CH-wedding-105CH-wedding-136CH-wedding-143CH-wedding-157CH-wedding-158CH-wedding-164CH-wedding-167CH-wedding-175CH-wedding-193CH-wedding-151



The Found Vintage Rental pieces featured in Heather + Cheyne’s wedding are the Richfield Wooden Bench, Gavin Farm Tables, Danni Reclaimed Industrial Bench, Iris Cream Chair, Delaware Sofa Table, Hammersmith Beige Settee, Higley Beige Settee, Hugh Chicken Coop, Jocelyn Tufted Cushion, Bouton Riddling Rack, Everett Tall Card Holder, Rose Wooden Cake Stand, Gentry Wooden Box, Modesto Wooden Box, Linda Wooden Box, Trahan Silver Urn, Ivy Silver Tray, Joan Wooden Tray, Barrett Basket, and the Danforth Small Dough Bowl.

Liz + Lysee

As the wedding season is in full swing again, and things are insanely busy at the office, it is so nice to look back at some of the beautiful weddings we were lucky enough to be part of in 2013. Loving all of the sweet details and beautiful colors from Liz and Lysee’s beautiful wedding…don’t you? 522713aa93d69$!900x52271398f2267$!900x522713908be3b$!900x522713991ebbd$!900x5227139a2815d$!900x522713a66e425$!900x5227138d789e6$!900x5227138d785ff$!900x522713abc7d5f$!900x522713af652f3$!900x522713b4d95f6$!900x522713b56334d$!900x522713b829175$!900x522713bb8c711$!900x522713be6dd4b$!900x522713bdac2c0$!900x522713b993094$!900x522713c60d70f$!900x522713c572461$!900x

See more of this beautiful wedding at Style Me Pretty!



The Found Rentals pieces from Liz and Lysee’s Wedding are the Robins Iron Door, Talmadge Wooden Birdcage, Cecilia Golden Tray, Houston White Couch, Esmeralda Ottoman, Jade Emerald Chair, Elias Tiered Table, and the Gabriel Gold Table

Coffee with Multee

I love showing our pieces in different ways, and I am SO blown away by how perfectly our friends over at (multee) project used some of our furniture to create a perfect shopping experience. Check out the whole story on their blog, and definitely check out their site full of amazing things!

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Love the simplicity of the set up, and the statement that the pieces make!


The Neue School
Martha Otero Gallery
Handsome Coffee Roasters
Boxed Water
Found Vintage Rentals
Sweet & Saucy Shop

{found} pieces used: Hawking White Table, Barringer Cream Table, Copeland Industrial Table, Oates Coat Rack, Corbin Ladder, Grover Rolling Shelf, Danni Reclaimed Benches, Graham Metal Chairs, Morgan Reclaimed Table, Bleeker Industrial Console Table.