Halloween Styled Staircase

Halloween is nearly here! With that in mind, we wanted to share with you some spooky inspiration for those of you celebrating this frighteningly fun holiday! Take a peek at our haunted staircase.

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We hope you are inspired to style your own haunted staircase! See below for pieces we used from our collection to bring this haunted look to life!


Found pieces used: Shawna LanternsSonora Chair, Clyde Large Apothecary Jars, Caldwell Apothecary Jars, Colonel Candlesticks, Burden Bottle, Dickinson Vintage Books, Faith Vintage Bibles,  Francine Vanity Mirror, Derger Candlesticks, Carnegie Candlesticks, Troy Terra Cotta Pots, Herrin Coal Bucket, Heidi Dome, Katherine Glass Domes, Travis Wooden Box, Marilee Rug, Longacre Rug, Kindall Small Stool.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Styled Staircase

  1. oh, it’s fabulous. I’m going to pull my apothecary jars out of my bathroom to set of some creepy scenes, great inspiration.

    P.s. I usually fill a couple of them with good~n~plenty’s and have them around the house for the season so people can “pop” a pill or 2 “as needed”.

  2. I absolutely these pictures! Those apothecary bottles and jars are too cool and I love all the old books and candlesticks, well really, I love everything! I’m using the stair picture as my screen saver so I can see it every time I turn on my computer. I can’t decide if this is my favorite of your posts or your Christmas series last year…………. Thank you for such wonderful eye candy!

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