California Love

Pick up a copy of California Wedding Day’s latest issue… you’ll see our unique California table. What a fun shoot … we certainly love our sunshine state too!
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.12.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.11.59 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.12.28 PM


Our California Coffee table was custom made by Monkwood. Special legs were added for dining height for this particular shoot. However, this piece is regularly at coffee table height.

Photography: Studio EMP
Styling: At Your Door Events
Venue: Catalina View Gardens, Rancho Palos Verdes


Junk Bonanza Wedding Lab

Did you catch us last week at Junk Bonanza in Del Mar, California? IF you didn’t make it to the fun event here are some images from the Wedding Lab, we were so happy to be apart of this year! This event is so wonderful for vintage inspiration. Take a look at what we brought below. We also set up shop and sold a bunch of great {found} pieces (not pictured) too!


Here’s some more information for future Junk Bonanza dates.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.19.12 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.19.30 AM

Florals: Art with Nature / Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop / Table top: Dish Wish Events / Photo Booth: Amigo Booth / photography: Studio Emp



RED. It, can be an intimidating color, but we challenged the fierceness of RED decor, to show you its classic roots. Red pops from vintage flags, old books and a variety of pillows can be a great way to include this color into your event. Red is often found in eclectic rugs and textiles. Look at how subtle the red rugs are. They add a visual richness and just enough spice. From accessories to upholstered pieces, you are sure to find some great red pieces in our collection. See our look book HERE.

EMP_3623 EMP_3626 EMP_3628 EMP_3630 EMP_3637 EMP_3634 EMP_3631 EMP_3633 EMP_3638 EMP_3640 EMP_3642 EMP_3647 EMP_3650 EMP_3652 EMP_3660 EMP_3661 EMP_3663 EMP_3664 EMP_3665 EMP_3666 EMP_3668 EMP_3674 EMP_3677 EMP_3680 EMP_3684 EMP_3690 EMP_3693 EMP_3696 EMP_3697 EMP_3703 EMP_3706 EMP_3714 EMP_3717 EMP_3720 EMP_3721 EMP_3722 EMP_3725 EMP_3727 EMP_3729 EMP_3737 EMP_3750 EMP_3752 EMP_3758 EMP_3762 EMP_3764 EMP_3770 EMP_3775 EMP_3778 EMP_3776 EMP_3783 EMP_3785 EMP_3771


Found Rentals: THIS WEEK

What a way to kick off SPRING, with such a big week! We paid a visit to SXSW in Austin, Texas, with a truck load of {found} pieces, Delivered to The Cream Event (and danced the night away), plus we set up shop at Junk Bonanza, at the Del Mar Race Track, in San Diego! Plus tons of special celebrations in between!!



Love & Splendor Workshops

Showing some love to our Love & Splendor lady, Angel Swanson today. Here is a look at her Love & Splendor Workshop recently held in LA. We are excited to show you all these gorgeous pictures + she always styles our pieces to perfection!

LoveSplendorWorkshop14_004 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_019 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_035 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_028 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_044 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_070 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_100 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_072 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_074 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_099 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_067 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_097 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_156 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_088 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_169 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_174 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_141 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_153 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_123 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_117 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_142 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_134 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_119 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_126 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_130 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_239 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_225 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_210 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_198 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_199 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_207 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_205 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_195 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_191 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_193 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_183 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_194 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_226 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_220 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_273 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_296 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_317 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_279 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_287 LoveSplendorWorkshop14_299


Found pieces used in order: Justine Farm Table,Cadwell Sofa Table, Grover Rolling Shelf, Ritz Rug,Waterford Indigo Couch, Indie Blue Couch, Cara Indigo Chair, Camilla Indigo Chair, Lago Indigo Armchair, Tig Side Table, Chesie Blue Chair, Lorena Indigo Cushion, Pazar Side Table, Anna Rug, Cecil Podium, Heather Farm Table, Bowman Armchair, Saunders Upholstered Chair, Saunders Wooden Chair, Brookside Rug, Ruby Cabinet, Leah Cream Table, Lulu Door Panels, Laurel Medium Chalkboard, Laurel Large Chalkboard, Angie Chalkboard Easel, Marshall Reclaimed Table, Brett Upholstered Bentwood Chair, Lexington Iron Arch, Rosemead Wallpaper Table, Royce Wooden Crate, Collins Wooden Basket, Filmore Wallpaper Table, Griggs Wheel Barrow, Briscoe Short Box, Pamela Red Ladder, Lou Standing Chalkboard, Teddy Console Table, Morgan Reclaimed Table, Rivington Linen Couch, Brooklyn Armchair, Foreman Industrial Coffee Table, Provost Side Table, Phillips Red Couch, Jonathan Club Chair, Haversham Plaid Ottoman, Gary Architect Drawers, Saggett Industrial Side Table, Bujah Beni Ourain Rug, Ali Beni Ourain Rug, Tahoe Throws (set of 2), Pillows.


Modern Organic Wedding Inspiration

This is a must see… check out the story over on Green Wedding Shoes.

hudsonloft-styled-01 hudsonloft-styled-02 hudsonloft-styled-03 hudsonloft-styled-05 hudsonloft-styled-04-2 hudsonloft-styled-06 hudsonloft-styled-07 hudsonloft-styled-08 hudsonloft-styled-09 hudsonloft-styled-10 hudsonloft-styled-11 hudsonloft-styled-12 hudsonloft-styled-13 hudsonloft-styled-14 hudsonloft-styled-15 hudsonloft-styled-16 hudsonloft-styled-17 hudsonloft-styled-18 hudsonloft-styled-19 hudsonloft-styled-20 hudsonloft-styled-21 hudsonloft-styled-22 hudsonloft-styled-23 hudsonloft-styled-24 hudsonloft-styled-25


found pieces used: Yost Farm Table,Nick Reclaimed Benches, Carnegie Candle Sticks, Derger Candle Sticks, Loma Brass Candle sticks, Ellingson Soda Crate, creel benches, West Seafoam Chair.

photography: Gregory Ross // design: Erin McDonald for Gregory Ross // florals: Inessa Nichols // furniture rentals: Found Rentals // tabletop rentals: Borrowed BLUClassic Party Rentals // calligraphy + stationery: Script Merchant // hair + makeup: Italia Pierfederici // venue: Hudson Loft Los Angeles, California // groom’s attire: The Black Tux // wedding dress: Karen Willis Holmes // cake: Lauren Tretheric // models: Cassi Elllis + Sam Haiden

Amy + Bobby

Today seems fitting to share this recent wedding at the the Surf & Sand Resort, with all of its green details ! Our columns made for a wonderful ceremony back drop and our Gavin Farm Tables are so versatile, they fit right into the hotel ball room. Enjoy!!

letsfrolictogether_20150110_0001 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0005 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0003 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0004 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0009 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0011 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0013 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0016 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0006 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0010 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0012 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0018 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0015 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0022 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0023 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0089 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0024 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0060 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0063 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0036 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0035 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0029 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0037 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0039 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0032 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0044 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0047 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0048 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0069 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0068 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0021 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0070 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0051 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0058 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0059 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0081 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0056 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0097 letsfrolictogether_20150110_0084

Happy St.Patricks Day!


Some of the found pieces pictured: Gavin Farm Tables & Hansen Square Columns.

Photographed by: Lets Frolic Together