Jamie + Nico

It’s not everyday we get an opportunity to be part of a wedding filled with A-list celebrities, so when we got the chance, we didn’t think twice! Just take a look at the incredible work by Lisa Vorce. You would never think it only took her less than 6 weeks to pull off this stunning Aspen wedding! See more lovely captures by the talented Braedon Flynn over on Vogue.

1-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 2-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 3-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 4-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 5-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 6-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 7-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 8-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 9-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 0696_Jamie+Nico_byBraedonPhotography 0668_Jamie+Nico_byBraedonPhotography 0619_Jamie+Nico_byBraedonPhotography 0770_Jamie+Nico_byBraedonPhotography 0749_Jamie+Nico_byBraedonPhotography 0743_Jamie+Nico_byBraedonPhotography 0737_Jamie+Nico_byBraedonPhotography 10-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 11-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 12-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding 13-jamie-schneider-and-nico-mizrahi-wedding

Have a great weekend!


Photography: Braedon Flynn | Event Design: Lisa Vorce | Venue: Chaparral Ranch

Found Pieces Used: Chesterfield Leather Couch, Sophia Armchairs, Jonathan Club Chairs, Jackson Couch, Avanti Blue Couch, Redhook Table, Warner Grey Couch, Roma Couch, Bourbon Leather Armchairs

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