New Arrivals: Lots of Chippy Paint

This week, we have lots of new pieces to share. Most of them have something very special in common: beautifully chipping paint. We seem to gravitate towards the stuff and think you’ll love it too.

This Chippy Yellow Table is perfect for a sweet display. I think it would make a pretty ceremony altar. Don’t you?

19.75″ deep by 44″ wide by 29.25″ tall

Our new Grey Chippy Side Tables are the perfect addition to a rustic vintage lounge area. With their extra shelves, they can hold even more goodness underneath.

14.5″ wide by 22″ deep by 25″ tall

I can just see this chippy blue shelf with pictures of a bride & groom throughout their relationship. And the blue metal chair can fit right in to our growing collection of mismatched chairs.

Shelf: 40″ wide by 11.5″ deep by 48″ tall
Chair: 17″ wide by 14.5″ deep by 35.5″ tall

Our blue school desk can open just like your elementary school days but this time it can display a sign-in book, love notes, or gather gifts from your guests.

18.5″ deep by 35.5″ wide by 28.5″ tall

These distressed black tone coffee tables can complete just the right seating area. The round one is ready for an intimate grouping and the long one is waiting to make a big bold statement.

37.25″ diameter, 19″ tall

66″ long by 29″ wide by 20.25″ tall

Yummy wire-back chairs add a little French flair to a table or outdoor seating area. We have six.

Fun new finds….

Finally, I feel like I can breathe again! Since I started this company 8 months ago, I have been doing so many wonderful things, that I have hardly had time to sit back and look at all!

We thought you might like a peek at some of our new favorites in the studio. Enjoy!


All the pictures are from Studio EMP.

New Arrivals: Sofa Table + Grey-Legged Farm Table

This week’s new arrivals are full of personality. Two tables with different styles.

This ordinary sofa table got some love before it joined the collection. With its grey-brown finish, it is the perfect neutral. I’m picturing it laden with favors or desserts with flowers spilling out of the drawers.

16″ x 70″ x 31″

We’ve got farm tables in all shapes and sizes and this newbie will fit right in with its small scale and grey legs. Guest books, cakes, or photographs will be right at home on top of this beauty.

27″ x 47″ x 29″

Sew in Love with Utterly Engaged

If you haven’t yet seen the Sew in Love feature in Utterly Engaged’s latest issue, you should. We’re excited to share the inspiration that we found as we collaborated on this wedding dress-centric project.

When the UE girls said “sew”, Jeni’s mind immediately started reeling with mannequins, vintage sewing tables, and notions galore. She loves anything having to do with fabric (that’s probably why she’s constantly reupholstering things) and this photo shoot was right up her alley. Bolts of fabric, dollies, vintage spools, clothespins, and a glamorous vanity vignette resulted.

The white ladders and sewing machine tables provided a crisp clean backdrop for this fashion-focused photo shoot. The gold touches in the chandeliers and King Louis chairs added the chic accents this Vanity Fair-inspired shoot required.

Aren’t the florals from JL Designs striking? And we just love the gorgeous cake from Sweet & Saucy Shop. They both rocked the old-meets-new vibe.

Don’t miss the full feature in Utterly Engaged.

Photography by Paula Luna
Floral Design by JL Designs
Cake & Desserts by Sweet & Saucy Shop
Prop & Furniture from Found Vintage Rentals
Environment Styling by Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals
Painted Paper Bouquets by Monumental Designs
Art Direction by Lucia of Dl/sh Design
Art Direction & Stylist by Sugar & Fluff
Feature Written by Alison Zamora
Makeup and Hair by Fiore Beauty

New Arrivals: Flour Bin Table, Birdcage & More

Over the weekend, Jeni did some great finding. Check out the latest additions to the Found Vintage Rentals Collection.

A fabulous rustic table with a flour bin, drawer, and pull-out cutting board. Imagine it with overflowing flowers filling the drawers as sweet accents for a cake table.

The flour bin table is 42.75″ wide, 25.5″ deep, and 30.5″ tall.

This little black cart will join our other metal carts as a side table in a seating vignette or as an industrial accent table in a grouping or display.

The little black cart is 19.5″ wide, 14″ deep, and 27″ tall.

Don’t you love this birdcage? I can just see it as an accessory in a tablescape with family photos or holding cards for the bride and groom.

The birdcage is 21″ wide, 9.5″ deep, and 39″ tall.

I can’t wait to tuck escort cards into this chipping white and blue shutter. Isn’t the little knob sweet?

The distressed white and blue shutter is 24″ wide, 76″ tall, and 1.5″ deep.

Let us know what you think of our fabulous new finds this week.

History of European Grain Sacks

Now that you’ve seen our latest arrivals, we thought we’d share more about the cool grain sacks that grace the seats of many of our chairs.

European grain sacks have shown up everywhere from pillows to curtains in home decor lately. The hemp and linen textiles are handwoven or homespun and can date back to the early 1800s. They range in shades of grey, warm creams, and sun-bleached white and have a variety of textures from loose to tight and neat. Most have stripes or other bands (usually blue or red) and rare grain sacks can even be found with text or designs printed on them. Farmers individualized these designs so they could identify their own sacks when transporting grain, flour, or sugar. Some even initialed the sacks with their families’ monogram to further distinguish them.

We’ve used grain sacks to upholster several one-of-a-kind pieces. Here are a few chairs we rent that incorporate these incredible textiles.

Grey Velvet & Hungarian Grain Sack Barrel Chair

Blue Stripe Grain Sack Occasional Chair

Divergent Stripe Grain Sack Open Armchair

Grain Sack and Linen Armchair

We have a pair of these Gilded Grain Sack Chairs with Tan Stripes

And in case you didn’t see them yesterday, our newly completed Black Stripe Grain Sack Wingback Chairs with Modern Piping

Photos courtesy of Studio EMP

New Arrivals: Cream & Black Grain Sack Wingbacks

Here at Found, we’ve always got our eyes peeled for fabulous pieces. Sometimes that means we have to look for the diamond in the rough. Tables that need an extra coat of paint, a trunk that needs a little love, chairs that could use some fresh stuffing. We’re not afraid of putting in a little elbow grease, especially when we get to add some flair.

Jeni just designed these incredible wingbacks. When she found them, they were a little worse for wear but she saw something better. Old ugly chairs were transformed by upholstering them with black striped antique homespun Hungarian grain sacks. Don’t you just love the fresh black and white piping too?

Photos courtesy of Studio EMP