Film + Flora Workshop

We are pleased to share some gorgeous images from the Film and Flora Workshop today, featuring some of our accessories and side tables. For more images and and an inside peek to this wonderful workshop, hosted by Michael Radford & Tinge Floral, head over to the Magnolia Rouge blog.

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Photography: Michael Radford / Florals: Tinge Floral / Gowns: Emily Riggs Bridal / Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals / Calligraphy: Mon Voir / Linens: La Tavola Linen / Tableware: Casa De Perrin / Cake: Whisk And Whittle / Venue: Rose Story Farm / Models: Hello Gorgeous Models / HAMU: 10.11 Makeup

It’s None of Your Business (yes it is)

How’s that for a catchy title?  Our pals over at Enjoy Events Co. and Shotgun Floral Studio, both based in lovely San Francisco, hosted an informative and powerful workshop in April created for small business owners who just happen to be in the creative field.  Well, we surely can relate to that group!  We were more than delighted to provide furnishings, decor and tables for the attendees to not only use, but to style with too!  Below are some really great images from Mollie Crutcher and Mike Radford.  Thanks to both of you for making our stuff look so darn pretty.

Mollie CrutcherIV



Mollie CrutcherIII

Mollie Crutcher







Mollie CrutcherI







Pieces used for this event:

Bachant TableSutter Tolix Chairs, Savoy Vintage Trophies (set of 3)Trahan Silver UrnZane Cheese BoardLuthey DemijohnFilmore Wallpaper TableChristian Farm TableDarren Yellow Metal ChairHammer Dark Metal ChairNelson Dark Brown Metal ChairNelson Dark Brown Open ChairNelson Medium Brown Wire Chair, Nelson Light Brown ChairCara Indigo SetteeNia ArmchairMarco Blue SetteeVictor Blue Coffee TableCerutti White SpoolCerutti Large Grey SpoolColt Coffee TableEspejo RugBrixton Rug