Halloween Dessert Display

In the spirit of the season, we’re sharing this goulish dessert display from Marie at Sweets Indeed.

She put together a fun display with some of our pieces including this sage wingback and frames.

Her displays always leave my mouth watering.

She also used our vintage Corona typewriter for some creepy notes.

Thanks Marie for including our collection in your inspiration shoot!

Halloween Costume Photos & Our Petite Green French Chair

To be honest, I’m not big on Halloween but kids in costumes are undeniably cute. We just love how Jackie Culmer pulled together this family photo shoot with spooky style and our new-to-us Petite Green French chair (we actually have two!).

Don’t you love the set-up? So fun!

Images courtesy Jackie Culmer Photography

Diary of a Picker: Heart-Racing Finds in New England

Yesterday my heart started racing. I felt myself get more and more giddy as Tim & I wandered the aisles of a roadside stop we made in Vermont. I think I was on the edge of hyperventilating and I’m pretty sure I squealed. As we walked the rows and rows of primitive antiques, architectural pieces, and odd-ball collectibles, I found myself half-prancing on tip toe.

I couldn’t contain my excitement. I don’t quite know what came over me but I felt a tremendous amount of joy as I encountered rare treasures that can only be found in New England. Well, maybe they can be found other places but I somehow felt close to the source. I felt more than a little connected to the Yankee woman who baked the desserts that cooled in this pie safe. I visualized the man who carried the rugged green toolbox that sat on the floor. I imagined the butcher block in the kitchen of a colonial home nearby.

But mostly I felt excited.

While I am on the hunt for the rare and wonderful additions to the Found collection, I also have some personal interest in my picking adventures. As I stared at the myriad of options yesterday, I couldn’t decide if I need a cabinet in my living room, a hutch in my kitchen, a wood burning stove (who doesn’t?), or 10-foot tall French doors for a rainy day.

As I was shuffled out at closing time, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face even though I left empty-handed. Perhaps it was because my mind was racing with possibility. It could be because I could imagine how cool a touch of New England would be in every room of my house.

Maybe it was because I knew I’d be back and next time I will leave with my hands full.

p.s. So you can contextualize my overly-excited I’m-in-love-with-New-England-especially-in-autumn picking frenzy, here is the view from the house where we’re staying in New Hampshire.

Autumn Saddlerock Ranch Wedding with a Rockin’ Escort Card Table

To be honest, we were a last minute addition to this incredible autumn wedding but when Angel of Love & Splendor called us up, we were happy to oblige. We jump at the chance to collaborate with her and this celebration was no disappointment. We just love the autumnal details and oh-so-happy couple. What a joy to work with clients like these.

Saddlerock Ranch just happens to be one our favorite venues. They recently acquired this beautiful carousel. What a perfect backdrop for this lovely couple!

Leslie is a positively glowing bride. Isn’t she?

Here is the rockin’ escort card table that Angel put together. We’re definitely biased but we think it is just lovely. The fall leaf cards pointed guests to their seats. She incorporated our Natural Wood Topped Farm Table, Orange Leather & Wood Chair, and collection of assorted wooden boxes & crates, as well as Scrabble tiles.

This bridal bouquet by The Treasured Petal brings together the perfect warm fall palette; oranges, deep reds, and a splash of purple.

The cake for this dessert display was made by none other than our sweet friend Melody over at Sweet & Saucy Shop. Yum!

And because this might be one of my favorite wedding photos of all time. So dramatic!

So grateful for the lovely images from Jennifer Rau Photography!

Fly Away Dessert Table

We’re always ecstatic when other event professionals use our collection in their work. Marie from Sweets Indeed works with us often and we’re so glad that she included some of our vintage pieces in her Fly Away with Me dessert display. We hope you enjoy these pictures of her creative display.

We love her whimsical desserts and how she extended the display beyond our simple farm table to these stacks of suitcases and chippy metal side cabinet.

We’re pretty into lifts & levels that give interest and height to the composition of a tabletop. Our striped suitcase did just the trick here.

The globe from our collection (we have 10!) fit in perfectly at this travel-themed display.

Thanks Marie for including our collection in your creative display!

Diary of a Picker: Mid-America & Lobster Traps

My husband Tim & I are on a road trip across America. We’ve already been in seven states in three days and will enter number eight within a couple hours. The trip is part vacation (Tim has a few weeks off of his crazy med school schedule), part adventure (we’re headed to places we’ve never been with people we’ve never met), and part work. I’m keeping up on email and orders but I’m also striving to hone a valuable skill for my professional life: picking.

Picking is my new favorite thing to do. Digging through old piles of wood, sorting out good treasures from unwanted junk, and finding a diamond in the rough… these things make my heart glad. While Jeni’s got a trained eye, years of experience, and risk-taking DNA when it comes to finding incredible vintage pieces, I often find myself surprisingly timid in the process of making the purchase.

So, I’m practicing.

There’s ample opportunity out here on the open road to garner my skills. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a mean negotiator, a bargain hunter, and willing to get my hands dirty when necessary. The big hang up for me is knowing when to pull the trigger.

Yesterday, I made my first purchase. I sorted through several antique stores along the road. Calls to Jeni, pictures via text, and some eBay searches for price comparison resulted in one good deal.

I’ll leave you with these pictures of a wooden box, a soda crate, and a lobster trap so you can imagine which I chose.