I am so excited to share the pictures from Unveiled LA with you all. I was honored that Larrissa from Inviting Occassion and Jaime from 24 Carrots asked me to be a part of their amazing space. Larrissa is one of the most talented people I have ever met, and I am lucky to be associated with any project she is involved in! She told me her vision (which was turned into the collateral below in the first picture), and I think (hope) it turned out to be everything she was hoping for.


Although we were super bummed on Sunday when the decision had to be made to move the event to Monday night due to the rain, it was definitely a blessing in disguise. I must say, staring at the sky for 5 hours on Sunday morning hoping desperately that the rain would subside, was worth the beautiful sunny skies that we were blessed with on Monday.



I asked my amazing hubby to help with this project…..Shocking, I know! It’s not my fault that he is so talented!!! We basically wanted to cover up the entire metal frame that defined our space so Joel built these posts out of reclaimed wood which we put around the metal poles. I had my amazing seamstress Trish, from Cottage by Design sew this amazing Canopy cover….basket weave style! It looks simple, but let me tell you, there is a lot of detail and, hours of labor poured into this beauty. She, once again, surpassed my expectations! It turned out exactly like what we were hoping for! Both of these pieces will be added to the inventory to be used as a huppah, or any other canopy needed to add a little something special. My hubby made these amazing frames out of reclaimed wood for the signs that 24 carrots had made for us. I am in love with how they turned out. Chippy paint=happiness!

I am always in awe of how Larissa chooses the most beautiful flowers, and places them so perfectly and naturally. Beautiful!

The food that 24 Carrots served was absolutely amazing!

Joel was making us laugh :) I know it looks like we called each other to color coordinate our outfits….but I guess we were just on the same page with that too!

I purchased a few pieces and had a few made just for this event, which have not yet been photographed, but we will be adding them to the gallery soon :)



{Friday Finds}

I wish I had time to blog every time I bought something new for my inventory…but that, I have resolved, would be impossible. It seems to be happening almost daily! But here are just a few of my latest finds.


The Celeste White Vanity is a very popular item in my inventory, so when I came across a similar one, I thought it can’t hurt to have two, right? I wanted it to have a different look but I have to admit, I don’t love to paint furniture. I prefer to find things naturally worn, weathered and chipped. But sometimes you gotta just bite the bullet and make things look the way you wish it did “naturally.” A little sanding, painting and staining and the end result….



I don’t always have pictures to show what some of my pieces looked like “before” but  those of you who follow me on Twitter might remember my excitement when I found this beauty….Sorry about the not-so-great iphone picture



And after re-upholstering it in white velvet….I love it even more.



Farm table with casters. Enough said. It has a leaf that when taken out makes a perfect size for just about anything.

I am thrilled about this white table. It has chippy paint, and rolled legs. Need I say more? Oh, and it seats 10 very comfortably.



We have also added about 50 more items to the online gallery that have been in the inventory for a while, but we had not yet put them online. Check back often, or send us an email directly, we might have what you are looking for even if you don’t see it on the website.


Happy Friday



Operation: Sunshine Farm

I am so excited to show off the fabulous workings of Marie Dannettelle from Sweets Indeed. She did an amazing job bringing her vision for Operation: Sunshine Farm, to life. I was so happy to take part (or at least some of my pieces of furniture) in this amazing charity event. Operation Shower is an outstanding non-profit organization that provides joyful baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment. Simply Wonderful! Looks like quite an event…


Love how she used my Bouton Riddling Rack. I’m stealing this idea for sure!



I love that this is outside the realm of the typical baby shower. It is universal enough that I’m sure it appealed to every Mommy-to-be celebrating that day.


Great Job Marie, thanks so much for bringing me on board for this amazing event. And please thank Shannon for sharing the pics!!!




To create this same look:



Real Wedding {Danielle & Seth}

Honored and humbled to have a real wedding featured in Ceremony magazine…




some more detail shots…





I absolutely love everything about this wedding….thanks to the talented people who put it all together:



E-Session {Katie & Jordan}

You might have seen this amazing e-session featured on Green Wedding Shoes a couple of weeks ago…I just had to share it again.


Katie contacted us knowing that she wanted some kind of table and chairs for her engagement session on the beach. She loved the table below, but it wasn’t quite the color she was wanting, so I painted it to achieve the look she was going for. I agree that it looks much better now, & I think her vision came to life beautifully!






two of my fav chairs




Fruit loops…so cute!





I mean seriously. Could they be any cuter?



Happy Thursday :)






Hair: Jenna Buccieri of Detour Salon
Event Design: Jayne Weddings
Photography: Joey Kennedy Photography
Rentals: Found Rentals
Dresses: Anthropologie and Free People
Mens Clothing: Jcrew and Banana Republic

New ‘Old’ Finds

Just wanted to share some of my newest finds. I have more to add, which I will share soon….but I can’t ask my hubby to take photos everytime I buy something….He would never get any of his own work done!


These chairs (yes there are two of them) are perfect for a splash of color….LOVE!!!



Perfect display piece for sweets, favors, place cards…anything your creative mind can think of…



I found this box of cut quilt pieces at a garage sale. There are hundreds of them in this tin can and I immediately fell in love. I am enthralled with the idea of someone spending hours cutting fabric into these tiny pieces and for them to just sit in a box for eternity would be scandalous. I would love to have the time to sit and sew all of them all together, but lets be real, I’m lucky if my hair is completely dry as I run out the door in the morning to get the kids to school on time. So, I had another idea…

button tufting….


And the final product….what do you think?


And my new favorite leather chair. Isn’t she pretty?  I wish I knew the history of where it had been, who sat in it & most importantly,  how was someone able to part with it? If only all my pieces came with a printout of the life that it had lived I would be so happy. For this chair I have come up with my own story.  I picture a rugged old cowboy relaxing every night with his pipe winding down from a rough day of driving cattle. Boots kicked off to the side, hat tipped over his eyes….



And thank you Jessica Claire for selling me this beautiful set of drawers from your wedding. I am in love. I will do you proud!

oh….and the beautiful trunk that also sat present at Jessica’s wedding.


This is my third trunk like this. I have a red and black one as well, & they are ridiculously heavy! It is hard to believe that people used to travel with these. Seriously. Insane.


I don’t know quite what to call this, but I think it is adorable, and it has chippy paint. What more could you ask for?


And the lid lifts up to reveal the little cubbies inside. So many possibilities…..


No explanation necessary….it’s just cool. I think anyway.


Promise to share more soon….