{Friday Finds}

It’s Friday….and although I wasn’t able to get everything shot this week like I promised last Friday, I at least wanted to get a few more things up!


I found these three tables but they did not have tops on them….they were just the bases. Sooooo, I bought some old planks of white chippy wood (shocking, I know) and had my fantastic fixer of all things, make them into functional tables. I am beyond thrilled with the way they turned out! When lined up next to each other they look like one really long (almost 20ft) table. Talk about an impact!!!

Our shooting room is not long enough to stack them next to each other, so I just stacked them on top of each other. Still it was hard to show the cool chippiness on top!


Can you ever have enough shutters? I think not. This is a small dose….I just picked up about 20 more just like the ones below.



I really loved the shape of this dresser, but really wanted to make it a little more functional. So after adding a reclaimed wood top, sealing the doors shut, exposing the back & adding a shelf inside, it is now a bar, with character!


I do love this….especially the basket. I added the upholstery webbing on the basket, but I think any color ribbon would be so cute!


I had to also share this couch which was originally candy apple green….It needed a new look. I picked it up from my upholsterers yesterday morning and took it to a wedding yesterday…I will share more from the wedding soon. It turned out beautifully!


I took this leather chair to the wedding too. I thought it needed to be shot with a groom in it, which is exactly what Joel did! Can’t wait to share!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!



{Friday Finds}

I wanted to share a few of my newest {old} finds, but stay tuned because I have hired ;) my fabulous hubby to take pictures next week of all the things that have been piling up in the warehouse. This is just a small dose, much more to come soon!


I just love this cool cubby. It has the industrial look that I love so much, but could be softened so easily with flowers, sweets, favors…all kinds of fun things.

Wood boxes. Can I ever have enough? Nope. Especially when I find 12 all the same! Centerpieces?




I do have a couple sets of these nesting tables, but I have never come across any that are silver like these. I adore them!




Books. I love them. Always will.  Again, I can never have too many. Look at the beautiful design on the pages. Gorgeous. 




I got this chair last weekend from Danni (ohhellofriend) and it will always remind me of her….and bring a smile to my face. :)


and this too…



Check back next week for more…



Tori & Dean {sTORIbook Weddings}

I’m sure everyone has heard about sTORIbook Weddings by now, so I won’t go into  too much detail, but I have been dying to share pictures from one of the weddings we were so happy to be a part of. It was on last night so now we can show off some of our pieces, and you can check out a lot more here. Tori and Dean were so fun to work with and I am truly honored to have been a part of the show. The first couple pictures are when Tori and her assistant James came to the studio and warehouse to choose some of the pieces….So fun!


The wedding was in Malibu at Calimigos Ranch and the beautiful outdoor ceremony was completely made up of our chairs, benches, pews and couches….



My absolute favorite doors were placed at the beginning of the aisle.



Melody from Sweet & Saucy Shop did an amazing job with the sweets and yummies….as always, and was gracious enough to take some pictures of my things as well. Thanks Melody!!! The theme of the wedding was “Shabby Chic,” which is not usually how I describe my style, but everything seemed to come together beautifully, and the bride was thrilled with everything that Tori put together!



Melody’s amazing dessert table….


Have I mentioned how much I love chippy paint?


I love this picture! Probably because this is one of my favorite tables that I own & peonies are my absolute favorite flower….put them together and they just make me smile!



Jaclyne from Heavenly Blooms did an amazing job on the flowers….I love them all!


This picture was taken before it was “styled” but just thought I would share that there were a lot of details that could not be seen on the show…


Lovin this!


These bottles were hanging from the trees….So Beautiful!


My favorite table, once again…..



Can’t wait to show the other wedding we worked on with Tori and Dean….it airs in May! Stay tuned!