Rachel and Jeff…

Such a beautiful wedding…so happy to share it.
Check out more pics on Style Me Pretty
The amazing team:


A peak inside…

Texas was amazing! Three full days of pickin’ is what I call a good time! Yes, even in 100 degree weather with high humidity, little sleep, and no time for eating….I was in heaven! The last night I was there I could hardly sleep knowing I only had a few hours left to get a hold of some great finds. I met some amazing new dealers from across the country, and saw others that I had bought from in Brimfield, MA. in years past. All in all, I am so happy I finally made it to Round Top, and can hardly wait until next week when everything arrives!!! 

Here is just a sneak peak inside the container….better pics to come soon!



I’m off to Texas today on a buying trip and wanted to leave you all with a window into my world. My hubby shot these pics on a previous pickin’ trip. 
While Allison and Anna are holding down the fort at Found (we have 12 events this weekend!!!), I’ll be scouring the roadsides for incredible new additions to my collection. I’m sure I’ll find lovely pieces like these and more. Wish me luck!


I love you. Three simple words that we either say too loosely to friends in passing, or not enough to the  ones we care about the most. So, say it…to someone who may just need to hear it, and mean it.


p.s. This picture was taken (with my iphone) from a very fun project that Allison and I worked on this week. Can’t wait to share more pictures from that….as soon as I can :)

Enjoy your weekend….snuggle with the ones you love.



If you don’t already know about Ruche, you must check them out immediately! They have the most awesome clothes, and the prices are unbelievable! I am fortunate enough to have a warehouse right by them (which I am in love with!) and I have gotten to know Mai & Josh and they are just rad people! I was stoked when they wanted to use some of my things for their latest lookbook….and I couldn’t be happier with the end result!
Super cool, right? Check them out, I’m positive you will find something that you simply can’t live without :)

Friday Finds…

Remember when I used to blog the “Friday Finds”? That was fun. It has been so busy lately that Fridays come and go and I keep buying, and the pictures get delayed, and then there are too many to have Joel “just take a few shots” and, and, and…..

So this morning I asked him (ever so sweetly) if he would just take “a few quick pics”…and since he is absolutely the best husband in the world, he did….and here they are :)

I love patches. And what I love even more is that someone, at sometime over the life of this settee, took the time to cut a piece of fabric from the bottom of this settee to patch a small hole, or stain, or whatever it was. I love that. And look how much character it adds! Rad! Yes, I did ask my upholster to leave a raw edge…why, you ask? Character people, character!!! And I always have him do the baseball stitch whenever possible…details, they matter! 

These were old nightstands, & I actually bought two twin beds that go with them, but these I think I will use as side tables…

This chair was a little out of my comfort zone with the color and all, but it is in perfect condition and what a cool shape! I couldn’t resist!

We are in the process of adding so many things to the Inventory so check back often!!! Here’s a sneak peak of just a few….

Have a fabulous weekend….I’m so excited for my kids’ first soccer games tomorrow! Yay!!!


Greystone Mansion…

I love intimate weddings…and this is a perfect example of just that. Thanks Chenin, for sharing these beautiful pictures with us…

Happy Wednesday!