If you don’t already know about Ruche, you must check them out immediately! They have the most awesome clothes, and the prices are unbelievable! I am fortunate enough to have a warehouse right by them (which I am in love with!) and I have gotten to know Mai & Josh and they are just rad people! I was stoked when they wanted to use some of my things for their latest lookbook….and I couldn’t be happier with the end result!
Super cool, right? Check them out, I’m positive you will find something that you simply can’t live without :)

2 thoughts on “Ruche…

  1. haha no way!
    I was looking at their lookbook and wondering where they got all these items :P
    {I got a job interview there last week to be a product photographer and she said that some of the photographers get their own props.. so I was wondering where u can get such big props}

    I accidentally found yours website from facebook, from

    Its definitively going into my bookmarks :P

    You have a great story, I love the idea of your shop as well, good job! :]

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