Alive and well…

I was hesitant to write this, as I am a bit biased…but after reading the wonderfully written article by Chandra, of Oh Lovely Day, I felt the urge to do so. First of all, I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t a bit upset after reading some of the articles posted this week about “vintage being dead.” What is worse (in my opinion) is all the wedding Professionals making such harsh comments regarding those opinions. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, but to state it in a way that it is the “end of a fad” is just, well, Lame!

I have been buying “vintage”…..which might I add, has become a very loose term these days, for almost 20 years. I love it. Our house is full of vintage finds and even though I am not a writer, I do have a vintage typewriter sitting, ever so perfectly, on a sideboard in my hallway. I am not a world traveler either, but I don’t think there is a room in my house without a vintage suitcase or antique globe in it. I haven’t read a single one of the HUNDREDS of vintage books that find themselves displayed all over my house, but I sure do love to look at them. I can also probably tell you where I bought each and every find, why I am drawn to them, and why vintage will live forever. But that’s for another post….

On the flip side, I also have a deep appreciation for the clean, sleek lines of modern design as well. I find beauty in it, and I love the way it looks….do I buy it for myself? No. Do I insult people who do? No. Why would I? And why would anyone feel the need to insult others, especially our clients; brides who want to incorporate elements into their wedding that reflect what they like. Because, after all, it is their day, correct?

Before I started Found, I followed the world of Home/Decor way more than the wedding world.  The home design world consists of SO many different elements, all of which I love, and many of which include vintage pieces. You can pick up any home magazine/book and find proof of this. I am at the flea markets almost every weekend, and by 9am they are almost un-walkable because of the thousands of people seeking the perfect piece for their home, their wedding, the perfect gift, whatever….but they are there; buying vintage, loving vintage, and appreciating vintage. Vintage is not dead.

So, after some deeper thought on the matter, an encouraging email from my amazing husband, and a reminder from Allison that our phone is still ringing off the hook, I say…”Be nice, people! To each his own.”

I leave you with a picture of my favorite chair. It sits in my dining room and is there to stay, regardless of the latest fad. To me, it is one of the most beautiful chairs I have ever seen, to others, it is something that belongs at the dump….but,

to each his own




10 thoughts on “Alive and well…

  1. So well said, and I'm so happy you liked what I wrote. I really appreciate the support and am proud to have it from you.

    I am just like you – my vintage treasures can be found all over my home and have been there for years. My husband bans me from bringing home anything more from flea markets b/c we have no more room :) I think we would be fast friends!

    And to each his own is totally right. Everyone should feel ok having a wedding they love in a style they love. And no one should make them feel bad for it.

    Long live vintage!


  2. I'm so glad you wrote this blog. I did read the other blogs talking so harshly about the "vintage era" that is in right now, and I did read the negative comments and posts (yes, on facebook as well) and I have to disagree. Yes, the bride is going to have what she wants for her wedding; WHY, because it is HER wedding. And if the photographers can't take unique photos of each event that is within a same or similar theme, then I would say they aren't great (or professional) photographers. Why slam a certain theme that is so popular, just because it's so popular? It's popular for a reason. I recently stylized a photo shoot in a vintage theme (I'm a wedding planner) and it came out so lovely! Whether some people agree or disagree, I believe it will stick around longer than others would like it to. And I'm happy about that, because it is one of my favorites as well. <3

  3. Perfectly written. I am sending a huge hug full of vintage love. It will never go out of style. It is not a fad. Vintage never gets "old". All of my childhood memories are centered around furniture and desserts. Everything I remember about the loved ones I've lost can be related to an antique couch that we sat on reading stories, or the grandfather clock that chimed in the hall and let us know when dinner was ready. Each piece is a "find" and tells a tale. It adds so much character to a room, and so much life to a display. You and vintage, are here to stay.

  4. Wow Jeni! So well said, and extremely true. You are a true inspiration and any day I feel like I can't keep going, I think of you and truely epic trail you have blazed, doing what you love to do; shop, hunt and buy vintage. Which is also (obviously) one of my absolutely favorite things to do and also has been for the past 12 years. Thank your for your positive messages and awesome influence you bring to me and my business. I could have never done this without you.

    All my love!

  5. I completely appreciate this post! I come to your blog because I love the inspiration for my home decorating. Trendy or not, it is so good to reuse,rework or repurpose vintage items where we can for the sake of the earth and our pocket books! In difficult financial situations, I appreciate this style all the more!

  6. Wow, I didn't realize there was such negativity about vintage – seems so strange to me. I see a lot of wedding photos b/c of my husbands job & so many girls are wearing the same dress, same decor, etc. It's so refreshing & wonderful when he gets to take photos of a vintage wedding b/c there are so many unique details & usually the bride has such a wonderful, unique dress & its just so exciting & beautiful! I hope it never goes out of style! Good Job Jeni, keep it up :)

  7. Yes, Yes, and Yes. I heart this post Jeni and especially your point that flea markets are packed every weekend and people get inspiration from vintage elements for their home, work, and everything and anything in between. While wedding pros may be a bit tired of it because they see it so much, I believe that vintage is here to stay no matter what other styles come back. There will be brides that vintage resonates with and thats ok!

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