Coffee with Multee

I love showing our pieces in different ways, and I am SO blown away by how perfectly our friends over at (multee) project used some of our furniture to create a perfect shopping experience. Check out the whole story on their blog, and definitely check out their site full of amazing things!

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Love the simplicity of the set up, and the statement that the pieces make!


The Neue School
Martha Otero Gallery
Handsome Coffee Roasters
Boxed Water
Found Vintage Rentals
Sweet & Saucy Shop

{found} pieces used: Hawking White Table, Barringer Cream Table, Copeland Industrial Table, Oates Coat Rack, Corbin Ladder, Grover Rolling Shelf, Danni Reclaimed Benches, Graham Metal Chairs, Morgan Reclaimed Table, Bleeker Industrial Console Table. 

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