Do YOU Hit the Mark?

We’re looking to hit the Bullseye with a Sales Coordinator position here at {Found} !!!

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The Found Vintage Rentals Sales Coordinator is a go-getter.  This person has a work ethic like nobody’s business but isn’t self-centered. She’s confident, excited, and ready to take on the world. Meeting new people is energizing. Giving clients a vision is her passion.  Being a motivated team player is second nature.

She is passionate about setting expectations. She definitely wants the client to hear “yes” and “of course” all the time but she also only promises what she can deliver with excellence. She is passionate about happy customers and incredibly excellent service. She wants people to walk away from their interactions with her refreshed.

Helpful is her middle name. When she answers the phone, she really cares about the person on the other end of the line. She infuses personality and enthusiasm in her sales consultations but she also is constantly aware of delivering on her promises. Consistency is the name of her game; no lofty pie-in-the-sky suggestions that can’t be achieved. A {found} Sales Coordinator is all about creating successful, beautiful, incredible events for our clients. She does that by thinking through design challenges, being mindful of delivery issues that may crop up, and helping her clients to know what to expect from Found.

The proposals she creates are compelling.  She makes great suggestions for cake tables, favor displays, and off-the-wall ceremony backdrops. She lets the collection speak for itself but she really listened to her clients needs. That is reflected in all of her communication. She thinks to ask how the client will use the obscure-out-of-the-way spots at a quirky venue, recommend a lighting company that will really add to her client’s event, and call someone up when Jeni buys a new piece that would be just perfect for them.

She works well with others and supports the team she is apart of. When she is unclear about something, she asks questions!  Whether it is sitting down with the Operations Manager to review a tricky delivery or with the Sales Director to review a client’s need, whenever in doubt, she seeks out the answers.

She understands the team goals and thrives from meeting them.  Bringing fresh ideas to team meetings is strongly encouraged and she takes on the responsibility with delight.

Follow-up is also a huge deal to this gal. She makes sure clients have just what they need. She is totally stoked about answering questions. She checks in to make sure everything is settled before and after an event. Clients count on her to be on top of deadlines and remind them of what to expect next. She sends witty emails when credit cards don’t go through, when meetings are missed, or just to touch base. Clients look forward to her communication.

In the office, the Sales Coordinator may be a prankster or comedian but no-matter-what, she treats her co-workers with respect. She is genuinely concerned that they are successful and does everything in her power to foster that goodwill. She is detail-oriented—but not controlling—and she uses that to help her excel in relationships.

-Passionate about creating successful events. Highly motivated. Takes her work seriously. Committed to excellence.
-Consistent. She sticks to a system so she does things the same way every time. Dependable.
-Friendly and nice. Yet she doesn’t just say “yes” to make people happy. She delivers on her word.
-Detail-oriented but not a control freak. Works hard to make sure things don’t slip through the cracks

-Full-time gig based in Fullerton
-Responsible to Owner
-Part of the Sales Team led by Director and accompanied by other strong Coordinators
-Hourly position
-Individual growth and development is expected as Found continues to expand. Lots of opportunities to take over the world

Did you get really excited reading that just now?  Awesome.  You should contact us!  Send a resume and list of references over to [email protected] by Friday, September 12th with your full name in the subject line.  We look forward to connecting!


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