Thanksgiving Dinner Party

A little more Thanksgiving inspiration to share with you all, because you can never have too much, right? We are HUGE fans of One Hope, and feel extremely honored at every chance we get to work with them….and even more thrilled to call them our friends. What they have done in this industry (and far more) is amazing, and we couldn’t be happier to see their continued growth and success. If you are not already familiar with them… should be! Read about their story here, buy their product here, and check out more from this beautiful shoot over on Inspired By This blog.

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Can’t wait to enjoy a little of my favorite One Hope Wine on Thursday!


Found pieces used: Nixon Industrial Shelf, Hammer Silver Chairs.

Vendors: Design, Florals and Wine: ONEHOPE Wine / Photography: Brian Tropiano / Food: 24 Carrots Catering / Vintage Rentals: Found / Linen: La Tavola / Produced by: Be Inspired PR

Thanksgiving Look Book Part 5

We love showing inspiration from our collection for your own holiday gatherings. Today is our last segment of the Thanksgiving look book, which we hope you all have been enjoying! Todays vignette is composed of understated (one of a kind!) upholstered pieces and industrial accessories. We started with three classic Napoleon III pieces: two grey button-tufted arm chairs, and thirdly our blue linen couch with rolled legs. Take a look at that black nautical gear, the vintage German gym mat (swoon!), metal vessels with bolt detailing, and our minimal metal based side tables with worn wood tops. Now, to warm up this look, we added a Moroccan tray coffee table with a bamboo base, cow hides, indigo pillows, knitted throw, and lastly a our vintage trophies and wooden dumbbells. Our indigo, grey, & wood tone palette keep all of these wonderful pieces cohesive and cozy. We hope you were able to see a new side of {found} and the comfort and style we can bring to your next event or special celebration.

StudioEMP-9762 StudioEMP-9783 detail1 StudioEMP-9781 StudioEMP-9780 StudioEMP-9772 StudioEMP-9764


Found Pieces: Chagall Couch, Redhook Table, Wurster Chair, Indigo Pillows, Shangri-la Coffee Table, Theory Side Table, Savoy Vintage Trophies, Hydriai Metal Vessels, Anchors Wheel, Herding Cowhide Rugs, Barnum Vintage Dumbbells (pair).

thanksgiving look book part 4

A party isn’t a party without our Lucy girl. She may not look like she’s having fun, but I promise you there is nowhere else she would rather be. And quite honestly…me either! So many of the pieces in this vignette are new to the collection…and perfectly perfect in every way (if you ask me)!  Napoleon III chairs are at the top of my list of favorites with their shape and rolled legs and with the added stitching detail I had my upholsterer put on them, I am in love. The loveseat is dreamy with it’s brand new cream linen and down cushions, and c’mon, just about anything with caster wheels is perfect in my book! We added some African indigo pillows and a gray wool blanket that I knitted with my favorite yarn on the planet, Loopy Mango!!! Splashes of copper with the pots and trophies, a little greenery, and some weathered leather trunks, and this is the perfect little place to curl up and get cozy….Don’t you agree?

StudioEMP-9923 StudioEMP-9952 StudioEMP-9906 StudioEMP-9899 detail2 StudioEMP-9950 StudioEMP-9916 StudioEMP-9897 StudioEMP-9949 StudioEMP-9896 detail1 StudioEMP-9948

Thanksgiving is only a week away, are you ready?


Found pieces: Brookside Rug, Savoy Vintage Trophies (set of 3), Vintage Suitcases, Maritime Couch, Olympia Brass Urn, Erica Sugar Mold, Indigo Pillows, Ellery Large Cushions, Oso Wooden Stools, Skourtis Armchair, Neale Wooden Side Table, Rower Indigo Cushion, Ennis Coffee Table, Antigua Metal Bin.

Thanksgiving Look Book Part 3

Thanksgiving dinner! Is there a more wonderful time to sit around the table with family and friends to enjoy a fantastic meal together? I think not! Making a decorative and inviting tablescape just makes it that much more enjoyable! We brought the neutral color palette for the table together by combining white ironstone dishes with copper pots and chairs, indigo striped napkins, a gray indigo table runner all set atop a beautiful natural wood table. We also incorporated our leather benches as an alternative seating option at the table. Which do you prefer?

StudioEMP-9744 StudioEMP-9667 StudioEMP-9705 detail2 StudioEMP-9690 StudioEMP-9674 detail4 StudioEMP-9629 StudioEMP-9654 detail3 StudioEMP-9652 StudioEMP-9633 StudioEMP-9634 StudioEMP-9751 detail1 StudioEMP-9956 resized


Gobble, gobble,


Found pieces used: Hammer Bronze Chair, Bedstuy Table, Baden Wooden Candlesticks, Linvingston Wooden Candlestick, Savoy Vintage Trophies (set of 3), Antigua Metal Bin, Belle Ironstone (set of 3), Grendel Trays (set of 3), Brighton Crate, Gant Table.

Thanksgiving look book part 2

Continuing with our Thanksgiving Holiday inspiration we put together a cozy little nook that would be perfect to curl up and read a book, join in conversation, or just relax with a glass of wine. There are no rules on holidays, but whatever you do, stay cozy.

StudioEMP-9875 StudioEMP-9868 detail2 StudioEMP-9871 detail1 StudioEMP-9891


Found Pieces:  Linka Kilim Pillows (set of 3), Dali Rug, Indigo Pillows (set of 3), Chestnut Large Suitcase, Bedstuy Table, Erica Sugar Mold, Antigua Metal Bin, Habbly Wooden Hub, Heelay Wagon Hub, Vin Leaning Ladder.

Thanksgiving Look Book Part 1

Have I mentioned how much I love Thanksgiving? Well get ready, because this week is going to be full of nothing but Thanksgiving posts and inspiration. You might be sick of it by the end of the week….but we couldn’t help but share some of our favorite decorating ideas for the coziest day of the year!  We started with a simple color palette of indigo, gray, white, leather, copper, and wood tones and Joel’s gorgeous studio was the perfect blank canvas for all of our vignettes. Check back each day to see what we put together and let us know what you think!

StudioEMP-9821 StudioEMP-9823 dtail3 StudioEMP-9808 StudioEMP-9851 StudioEMP-9842 detail2 StudioEMP-9856 StudioEMP-9850


Found Pieces: Haymaker Leather Settee, Lago Indigo Armchairs, Cottam Sisal Rug, Indigo Pillows, Meyer Brown Demijohn, Totemic Side Table, Abe Tree Stump, Bergamot Batik Cushion, Pacific Wood Coffee Table, Erica Sugar Mold, Danny Wooden Vase, Pillows (set of 3).


Thanksgiving Inspiration…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday without a doubt! I love everything about it, as well as the weeks leading up to it. I don’t know exactly what it is that I love most…maybe it’s spending the day in the kitchen with my mom and sister cooking, or hearing the kids running through the house playing with their cousins, or the guilt free hours spent doing absolutely nothing but hanging out with family. or maybe it’s just that I don’t feel remotely bad about stuffing my face all. day. long. Whatever it is, I am counting the days until it’s here, and already thinking about all of the things I can’t wait to eat! So I wanted to put together a little table with a simple appetizer to show how a few sweet details can make the smallest of tables, so very enticing. Bread, cheese, crackers, apples, pears, a pumpkin pie (and wine of course) makes for a perfect little table of goodness.EMP_6207 DETAIL3 EMP_6188 DETAIL4   EMP_6185 DETAIL5 EMP_6182 EMP_6201 EMP_6196 EMP_6204 EMP_6189  EMP_6195 EMP_6194 EMP_6203 EMP_6200  EMP_6205 EMP_6176 EMP_6216

Gobble, gobble,


Beautiful photos by my one and only…Joel Maus.

Found pieces used: Ginger Beer Bottle Pottery, Irwin Basket, Savannah Green Table, Rose Small Wooden Cake Stand, Rose Wooden Cake Stand, Soho Chiavari Chairs, Copper Vessel.