Low Dining Tables + Cushion Seating

Throwing a casual dinner party? low dining tables with lounge cushions is a perfect direction for a casual atmosphere with your closest friends. Dress our tables up or keep it simple and sweet. This eclectic dining style is sure to be a hit for your next get together.

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Low dining styles usually call for larger coffee tables, like our Manton, Hoover, Lopez, Milo, and mako. Those are just some of the low dining tables to choose from. You can also use our Finn Dining table (as seen in the first image) with a small lift rather than its original base. Have fun dreaming up your next dining set up. Take a look at our collection HERE to get started.


59 thoughts on “Low Dining Tables + Cushion Seating

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  2. Do you have options for an outdoor wedding? I would like to rent floor cushions that can be used in grass. I’m desperate please help! I need to book my venue by tomorrow. Appx 75 guests

  3. Hello I would like to know how to rent the cushion and table seating. And also the pricing . I live in Illinois

  4. Hello, I love the tables and the cushions! Do they come as a package together or separate? How much would it be to rent for around 15-20 people?

  5. Hi,
    I live near imperial beach San Diego, I was wondering how much are you renting for a low table that will seat 10-11 people?

  6. I am looking for a long low table to fit a party of 50 aswell as cushions or pillows. Can you please contact me for pricing.

  7. Hello,

    Looking to rent some low tables and maybe cushions for a rehearsal dinner. It will be 20 guests and hosted in the backyard of a home in Fullerton CA on July 19, 2018

  8. Hello:
    Looking to rent 3 low tables. Possibly the second picture down or the one with the metal legs. How may I find out pricing please? Thank you, Michelle

  9. Hi! I’m looking to rent low tables to fit about 20 guests, and floor cushions as well! I would love to discuss pricing as soon as possible. Thanks!

  10. Hi I’m looking for a low table like for a picnic to fit about 15 guests. I would like to know the pricing for thos. Thank you

  11. Hi there, interested in renting a table / setup like this for a party in a few weeks – what is your pricing like and do you service Malibu?

  12. Hello, I’m interested in renting a low table for a Moroccan themed dinner. Where are you guys located and how much is it to sit ten people? Thank you.

  13. I am interested in renting a low table and pillows for a casual chacuterie party at the beach on April 3rd for 14 girls. I would like to get more information.

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