Americana Wedding Inspiration

Fourth of July is right around the corner and we have the perfect lounge vignette! It doesn’t have to be all stripes, check out how A Good Affair beautifully transformed this gorgeous outdoor space with some of our favorite {found} pieces. It’s definitely fun, classy and patriotic. See more great ideas over on Inspired By This.

americana-loungeHappy Monday!


photography: Brian LaBrada // planning + design: A Good Affair : Wedding & Event Production // venue: The Villa San Juan Capistrano San Juan Capistrano, California // florals: Little Hill Floral Design

Found Pieces Used: Roma Couch, Patine Blush ArmchairsRoycroft Coffee Table

Friday Finale… Labor Day Weekend

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend! Have a wonderful weekend filled with rest, friends and family as summer comes to a close. Don’t forget to take a few minutes this weekend to appreciate all that has been contributed by Americans today and long before us in bringing strength, prosperity and well-being to our country.

Found Vintage Rentals Friday Finale Labor Day Vintage 48 Star American Flag


Found on the 4th…

With Found’s favorite holiday almost upon us, we decided it was time to cook up a little 4th of July inspiration. Here are our must-haves for the perfect Independence Day whether you spend it with family or friends, at home or away.

Found on the Fourth

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Feels Like Home…Summer 2013 Look Book

I couldn’t be more excited this morning to share our take on Summer ’13 in our newest look book, “Feels Like Home.” This shoot developed from my recent picking trips and additions to the collection which have inspired me in many ways. In the last several months I have not been able to get enough of the gorgeously handmade indigo fabrics that grace the pages of this look book, leather whose distressed features tell the story of its past, and pieces with an Americana vibe. “Feels Like Home” is a portrayal of what I love about summer. It is the comfy and the intimate. It’s the family gathered around the dining table and the connection of friends forgetting the time in good conversation. It is 4th of July celebrations and nights under the stars. It is a sort of comfort that can be materialized in just about any setting….weddings, parties, or intimate affairs. It is home.

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=130912181529-761cefae015d453aaccb3a9821b7549f docname=feels_like_home_summer_13_look_book username=FoundVintageRentals loadinginfotext=Feels%20Like%20Home showhtmllink=true width=600 height=407 unit=px]

Here are some more of our favorites that just wouldn’t fit in the Look Book…

found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo-pillows-succulents found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo-furniture found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-grain-sack found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-rustic-dining found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-dining-table found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-books-cabinet found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-vintage-trophy found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-basket found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-baskets found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-basket found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-blue-print found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-grain-sack-couch found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-blue-prints found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-red-leather found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-demijohn found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-demijohn found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-mercury-glass found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo-pillows-rustic-doors-mannequin found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-tolix-reclaimed-wood-dining-table found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo-succulent found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo-chair brass-indigo-leather found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-brass-leather found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-brass-indigo-leather found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-terra-cotta found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-terra-cotta found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-terra-cotta found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-leather found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-leather-books found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo-pillows found-vintage-rentals-summer-look-book-americana-indigo-chair-shutters

Make sure to check out all the new additions to the collection featured in this issue.

A huge thanks to my love, Joel from Studio EMP for all photography!

Hope you enjoy…



My Texas Buying Trip….

I thought it would be a great time to show a little bit of my recent buying trip to Texas since I will be on another pickin’ trip all week in Brimfield, MA. I have never shared many pictures from buying trips because I am usually alone, and moving too quickly to take pictures! This trip was a little different because my hubby, Joel, went with me and documented the trip (aside from when he was hauling furniture back to the truck with me).

We flew into Austin and spent the afternoon touring around the city….which I fell in love with immediately! Such a fun and hip city…can’t wait to go back! My sales manager, Lauren, loves Austin to pieces so she had a list of “must see” places, and even made reservations for Joel and I at an amazing sushi restaurant, Uchiko.

found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-marketfound-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market

Then it was off to our little cottage in Fayetteville, Texas.This first picture is from my iphone…sorry for the quality.


The view from our cottage…


Our 16 mile drive to Round Top every morning was serene….

found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market

And then we arrive to miles and miles of treasures in the fields of Round Top, Texas.

found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-finds found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-mannequin found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-finds-ladder found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-silver-flatware found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-silver-pewter

I have been known to ask if I can look in the back of a dealers truck if it is not completely unloaded….and this is by far one of my favorite things to do!


This dealer even plugged in a light for me, and let me shop around a bit…


And my least favorite part….


I was very fortunate that Joel was up for shopping into the evening, or at least he kept himself busy taking pretty pictures while I shopped.These kinds of flea markets are the best because some dealers start selling at 4am and don’t quit until way after dark! I would have shopped through the night if it was up to me!

found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-tent found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market

The evenings were absolutely gorgeous…


Throughout the week, different fields and locations open in various areas. Lucky for us,  this parking lot was right around the corner from where we were staying in Fayetteville and dealers started setting up the second day we were there. I bought a few things, but I was over the moon about this globe. It was just sitting on the ground waiting for me to find it…and thankfully we were there early while the sellers were unloading. This is one of my favorite finds from the trip….


This building was absolutely amazing. The structure itself was nothing special, but the finds inside were nothing short of spectacular.


Joel made a lot of new friends….

found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-books-patina found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-zinc-seed-pot found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-olive-basket-patina found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-shutters found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-baskets

This sale below was fun. People started lining up at 5am even though the tarps don’t come off until 8am. When they do….people run for the pieces they want and tag them with sold stickers. Almost everything was sold within 10 minutes!


This was what I scored….


The less glamorous part of buying trips is the loading of the container. There were 5 of us sharing this container, and although we have it down to a science…it is still not my favorite part. Every day of the trip we meet at the truck at 5p and load up our goodies. We load everything up against the left hand side of the container so there is still a path to get to the back of it. We all have our things marked with different color tape, so that when things are packed up all together, we can tell whose is whose. On the second to the last day, we start packing the truck really tight. It is a tetris game to say the least. I was so happy to have Joel there to help because he is so good at maximizing space and packing things well. And let me tell you, we filled every square inch of that 60′ container!


11 days after we left Texas….the container arrived. Unloading it is MUCH more fun than loading it. It is like Christmas morning! There are always a few things that I have forgotten I bought and am always pleasantly surprised when I see them again!

found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-finds found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market-finds found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market found-vintage-rentals-studio-emp-jeni-maus-round-top-texas-flea-market

Well….there you have it. A start to finish of my buying trip to Texas. I am equally excited for this trip to Brimfield, MA. Check out my instagram feed  all week for updates :)



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Photography: Studio EMP