{4th of July}

I absolutely Love 4th of July. I think my love for it became even stronger 8 years ago when we bought our house and realized that our front yard feels like we are literally under the firework show that the city puts on from the high school stadium right down the hill. So fun.


I am SO excited and honored that our party from last year is featured on Design Sponge today! Yay! Check it out and let me know what you think!


I start the “decorating” from the inside out….but Joel didn’t get too many pics of the inside, because outside is where da’ party’s at!!! Marie from Sweets Indeed came up with the color pallete & did an amazing job on the sweets table, and all the yummies she brought! We went for a Navy blue, Magenta and Teal vibe….a nice spin on the traditional Red, White & Blue :)


Our living room…



Comfy seating out front for when the fireworks begin





Our guests know to come hungry! We have been getting the taco truck for a few years, and everyone loves it. Traditional street tacos and all the fixins….YUM!!!



Marie made strawberry filled donuts! They were delicious! Check out the recipe on here




More yummies from Marie!










Yours truly keeping the ambiance alive….






The kids LOVE this old gumball machine! We keep a bowl of quarters next to it, and they love to stand and see what color comes swirling down! So cute!



I just couldn’t resist including one of our friends’ sons. Is he not the cutest?



My niece….



We draw huge circles in the street in front of the house and let all the kids stand in one with their own sparkler….here’s my little (well, not so little I guess) guy!



We make all the kids stand behind the line so as not to get too close to the fireworks we set off in the street :)



And here are all of the kids lined up with their neon bracelets and necklaces and whatnot….before the real firework show begins.



Hope you enjoyed….and more importantly I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July! Be safe!!!










New ‘Old’ Finds

Just wanted to share some of my newest finds. I have more to add, which I will share soon….but I can’t ask my hubby to take photos everytime I buy something….He would never get any of his own work done!


These chairs (yes there are two of them) are perfect for a splash of color….LOVE!!!



Perfect display piece for sweets, favors, place cards…anything your creative mind can think of…



I found this box of cut quilt pieces at a garage sale. There are hundreds of them in this tin can and I immediately fell in love. I am enthralled with the idea of someone spending hours cutting fabric into these tiny pieces and for them to just sit in a box for eternity would be scandalous. I would love to have the time to sit and sew all of them all together, but lets be real, I’m lucky if my hair is completely dry as I run out the door in the morning to get the kids to school on time. So, I had another idea…

button tufting….


And the final product….what do you think?


And my new favorite leather chair. Isn’t she pretty?  I wish I knew the history of where it had been, who sat in it & most importantly,  how was someone able to part with it? If only all my pieces came with a printout of the life that it had lived I would be so happy. For this chair I have come up with my own story.  I picture a rugged old cowboy relaxing every night with his pipe winding down from a rough day of driving cattle. Boots kicked off to the side, hat tipped over his eyes….



And thank you Jessica Claire for selling me this beautiful set of drawers from your wedding. I am in love. I will do you proud!

oh….and the beautiful trunk that also sat present at Jessica’s wedding.


This is my third trunk like this. I have a red and black one as well, & they are ridiculously heavy! It is hard to believe that people used to travel with these. Seriously. Insane.


I don’t know quite what to call this, but I think it is adorable, and it has chippy paint. What more could you ask for?


And the lid lifts up to reveal the little cubbies inside. So many possibilities…..


No explanation necessary….it’s just cool. I think anyway.


Promise to share more soon….



Jen & Carl’s Vintage Movie-Themed Wedding at Huron Substation

Aren’t they cute? Jen was such an amazing bride to work with. From the very first meeting we had with her, to the invitation to their Christmas party two months after the big day….simply wonderful!

After seeing pictures on her phone at our first meeting, we were dying to see the  Huron Substation. We scheduled a time to meet her there to walk it with her, and see what she had in mind. Oh my goodness! I knew I loved it from the pictures, but nothing does justice to this place until seeing it in person. AH-mazing! It was built in the same year as our studio (1906) and resembles it in so many ways….so of course I was in love.

Jen is an actress and Carl is a producer….and yes, they met on set-true story! They incorporated the movie vibe in so many ways. When I came across these vintage movie reels I knew they were a perfect touch.

Jen was torn because she really wanted to get married in front of the amazing doors that lead out to the back patio, but couldn’t figure out the best way to walk in….Allison had the super fantastic idea to get married in the round….


Jen loved the idea, and surrounded by the ones who love them the most, Jen and Carl were married in the middle of an amazingly gorgeous room.



Love this shot, Love this table.

Jen loved the idea of using a variety of different chairs. Thank goodness for that since finding multiples with vintage furniture is not always easy. However, I think we were still able to create exactly the look she was going for.

Photo booth props. Love.

This is the view from upstairs, which is where a lot of the guests stood. Cool, right?

Happy marriage Carl and Jen. We miss you! Check in and let us know how married life is treatin ya!

Thanks to Aimee & Troy Grover for the pics!



John Deere Party

Leesa Zelken from Send in the Clowns was kind enough to share these pictures with us from a John Deere birthday party that she so amazingly put together for one of her clients. As always….it turned out perfect. Check out how some of our pieces helped complete the look Leesa was going for.

Our Schuller Coffee table:

I love creating different lifts and levels; a crucial element when the majority of the guests are under 3′ feet :). Leesa did a fantastic job creating such a space with my industrial carts, tables, and various bins.


John Deere Party


Love the open trunk with goodies inside!

John Deere Party

This is one of my favorite carts I own…and it came all the way from the east coast!John Deere Party


Just wanted to share a few different ways to use some of my fun finds. What do you think :)