Napoleon III Chairs {the process}

It is no secret that I love me a beautiful Napolean III chair! The pictures below were taken months ago when I bought a couple of big hauls of “naps” on a buying trip back east and down south. With the arrival of our containers from Europe on the horizon (holding many more naps and lots of beautiful furniture on them) I thought I would show just why I love these beauties so very much! There are a variety of different shapes and styles originating from the Napoleon III period (late 19th century) all having similar characteristics. I am no expert on these chairs, I just know I love them. I have to admit, I almost love them completely stripped down, more than I do with fabric on them but I realize that is not very functional. I do however have two of them in my house with no fabric on them at all, I just like to look at them that way….their raw beauty is like no other. Take a look below to see how I find them, with their quirky vintage upholstery and horse hair falling out (yes, I said horse hair, it was commonly used as stuffing back in the day…so cool)! The very first thing we do is strip them down! Then, I spend way too much time trying to figure out what fabric looks best with each chair…then I head to my upholsterers with fabric and strict instructions on how I want each and every one to look….good thing he loves me so much, I can get super picky at times, but hey, the details matter!

EMP_6947 EMP_6938

Stripped down….

StudioEMP-0001 StudioEMP-0004 StudioEMP-0013 StudioEMP-0015 StudioEMP-0017 StudioEMP-0018

Details like this just make my heart smile…StudioEMP-0030 StudioEMP-0020 StudioEMP-0035 StudioEMP-0036 StudioEMP-0038 StudioEMP-0028

Completed and brought back to life…

EMP_05071 vday27-1 EMP_0313 StudioEMP-9899 EMP_6096 crate-barrel-bridal-shower-gifts


From well worn flea market finds to the most poised and pretty lounge vignette staples, these Napoleon III chairs have had quite the adventure (& make over too!)

Happy Friday!


Deconstructed Chairs Photographed by: Studio EMP

Flutter Magazine { issue 6 }

Have you seen the latest issue of Flutter Magazine? You’ll find lots of our pieces throughout their Horoscope inspired spread! You’ll see our upholstered benches used for dining, along with a full sized couch. Our one of a kind upholstered armchairs also have their moments too. Props like our vintage mannequins always make for fun displays as well! to see more inspiration from Flutter, click here.


2014_01_15_flutterastro_0659 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0668

2014_01_15_flutterastro_0657 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0685 1 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0675 2 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0693


2014_01_15_flutterastro_0173 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0207 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0211 3

2014_01_15_flutterastro_0314 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0305 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0366 2 2014_01_15_flutterastro_0358~jeni

Photography: KT Merry | Design + Styling: Joy Proctor | Floral Design: Amy Osaba Events | Hair + Makeup: LunaBella Makeup and Hair | Jewelry: Sofia Kaman | Furniture: Found Vintage Rentals | Commissioned Cream Backdrop: Katherine Bell of The Habitat Factory | Cocktails + Recipes: Melissa Piña of Soiree Center | Tableware + China: Small Masterpiece | Horoscopes: Briana Westmacott .. for Dessert & paper good details, please see individual Horoscope posts for details Here.