Diana Perrin Baby Shower

We’re overjoyed with this sweet baby shower for our dear friend Diana Perrin of Casa de Perrin! Is this not one of the prettiest table settings you’ve ever seen?! Thanks to Angel Swanson for planning this gorgeous day and Joel Serrato for capturing it all. See more over on 100 Layer Cakelet and Style Me Pretty Living.

Photography: Joel Serrato | Planning: Love and Splendor | Invitations: Anne Robin | Envelope Liners: Amber Moon Design | Flowers: Honey & Poppies | Hair & Makeup: Mar of Team Hair and Makeup | Tabletop: Casa de Perrin | Meringue Favors: Paula Le Duc Fine Catering and Events | Food: Annie Campbell Catering | Furniture: Found Vintage Rentals

Found Pieces Used: Paget Blue Bar, Easton Shelf, Maureen Velvet Chair, Marshall Reclaimed Tables, Large Gaffney Turquoise Farm Table, Lamson Chairs

Casa De Perrin X Tiffani Theissen

Another amazing low dining environment for your inspiration today! This one come’s from Tiffani Theisen’s interview with Casa De Perrin’s Diana Perrin. Click HERE for the fun interview and tips Diana shares with Tiffani on setting a table. We must say we love the Moroccan rugs paired with the finn table tops for this fun outdoor dinner party.

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Photos by Rebecca Sanabria. Gorgeous table setting by Casa De Perrin. Vintage table, rug and pillows by Found Vintage Rentals

Found pieces used: Finn Tables, Bujah Beni Ourain Rug, Ellery Cushions, Pillows.

A Gathering of Blue

Tiffani Theissen‘s cobalt blue baby shower was a perfect way to welcome a baby boy into the world! Flower blooms of blues, purples, and whites created the perfect color combination to match the table setting of the French brunch that was enjoyed. This expecting couple was able to give back to one of their favorite charities, Baby Buggy, by having every guest bring donations. What a great way to celebrate!

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Found pieces used: Brett Upholstered Bentwood Chair | Gavin Farm TableKeys Peacock Chair

Vendors: Table Settings: Casa de Perrin | Photos: Elizabeth Messina | Flowers: Moon Canyon | Pillows: Guildery | Bakery: Bob’s Well Bread | Dining: Maili Halme | Desserts: Solvang Bakery | Party Favors: Maika Goods | Donations: Baby Buggy 

50th Birthday Dinner Party

Here is one lovely 50th Birthday dinner party, from Before I Do Events. You’ll see our magnificent pergolas, made with wooden beams extracted  from a 200 year old Barn. The pergolas made for an intimate outdoor dining room, perfectly fit for this fun fiesta.

garrettrichardson_20150416_0101 garrettrichardson_20150416_0007(2) garrettrichardson_20150416_0036(2) garrettrichardson_20150416_0051(2) garrettrichardson_20150416_0020(2) detail1 garrettrichardson_20150416_0116 garrettrichardson_20150416_0038(2) garrettrichardson_20150416_0030(2) garrettrichardson_20150416_0035(2) garrettrichardson_20150416_0100 detail2 garrettrichardson_20150416_0031 detail5 garrettrichardson_20150416_0123 garrettrichardson_20150416_0073(1) detail4 garrettrichardson_20150416_0050 garrettrichardson_20150416_0008(1) garrettrichardson_20150416_0127 garrettrichardson_20150416_0029(1) detail3 garrettrichardson_20150416_0052(1) garrettrichardson_20150416_0062 garrettrichardson_20150416_0131 garrettrichardson_20150416_0147 garrettrichardson_20150416_0058 garrettrichardson_20150416_0059 garrettrichardson_20150416_0023(1)


Found pieces used: Pergolas, Morgan Table, Domaine Table, Brett Bentwood Chairs, Mulberry Wooden Bar, Geo White Gate, Dawes Tray, Silas Display Shelf.

Vendors: Coordination & Styling: Before I Do Events / Florals: Isari Flower Studio / Rentals: Casa De Perrin, Hostess Haven, La Tavola, Classic Party RentalsFound Vintage Rentals / Photography: Garrett Richardson.


Julia + Mark

The Avalon Hotel Palm Springs set the scene for this intimate spring wedding. The vibrant florals from JL Designs are so fun! These images from Max Wanger Photography capture the essence of a palm springs soiree!! So much pretty from Spread Love Events. See the love story + more details over on Style Me Pretty today!

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Found pieces used: Gant Dining Table, Graham Metal Chair, Hammer Silver Chair, Danni Reclaimed Industrial Bench, Nixon Industrial Shelf, Bleeker Industrial Console Table, Silas Display Shelf, Frank Wooden Scoops (set of 3), Getty Wooden Easel, Sylvia Sign Holder, Everett Short Card Holder,Gartin Standing Chalkboard

Photography: Max Wanger Photography | Wedding Planner : Spread Love Events | Florist: JL Designs | Stationary : Spread Love Events | DJ : The FlashDance | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Avalon Hotel Palm Springs | Delivery : Dove Tail Logistics | Event Styling & Design: Spread Love Events | Hair & Make-up: Fiore | Linen: La Tavola Linen | Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals | Rentals: Yeah Rentals | Rentals: Signature Party Rentals | Rentals: Casa De Perrin

Gabby + Steven

Style Me Pretty recently featured this colorful garden wedding, you’ll see quite a few {found} pieces too!

004_533_Steven_Gabriella_011 005_517_Steven_Gabriella_027 008_489_Steven_Gabriella_055 012_473_Steven_Gabriella_071 013_466_Steven_Gabriella_078 016_443_Steven_Gabriella_101 017_441_Steven_Gabriella_103 019_438_Steven_Gabriella_106 021_397_Steven_Gabriella_147 022_396_Steven_Gabriella_148 023_395_Steven_Gabriella_149 025_393_Steven_Gabriella_151 026_392_Steven_Gabriella_152 027_391_Steven_Gabriella_153 029_389_Steven_Gabriella_155 031_387_Steven_Gabriella_157 034_382_Steven_Gabriella_162 035_381_Steven_Gabriella_163 038_373_Steven_Gabriella_171 041_360_Steven_Gabriella_184 042_359_Steven_Gabriella_185 043_358_Steven_Gabriella_186 044_357_Steven_Gabriella_187 048_348_Steven_Gabriella_196 049_345_Steven_Gabriella_199 050_340_Steven_Gabriella_204 052_312_Steven_Gabriella_232 055_306_Steven_Gabriella_238 057_300_Steven_Gabriella_244 058_297_Steven_Gabriella_247 063_230_Steven_Gabriella_314 064_226_Steven_Gabriella_318 065_225_Steven_Gabriella_319 062_259_Steven_Gabriella_285 067_219_Steven_Gabriella_325 068_218_Steven_Gabriella_326 070_216_Steven_Gabriella_328 072_214_Steven_Gabriella_330 073_213_Steven_Gabriella_331 074_212_Steven_Gabriella_332 075_211_Steven_Gabriella_333 076_210_Steven_Gabriella_334 077_209_Steven_Gabriella_335 080_206_Steven_Gabriella_338 081_205_Steven_Gabriella_339 083_200_Steven_Gabriella_344 084_199_Steven_Gabriella_345 085_198_Steven_Gabriella_346 086_197_Steven_Gabriella_347 087_196_Steven_Gabriella_348 090_192_Steven_Gabriella_352 091_190_Steven_Gabriella_354 097_184_Steven_Gabriella_360 098_183_Steven_Gabriella_361 101_180_Steven_Gabriella_364 107_174_Steven_Gabriella_370 108_173_Steven_Gabriella_371 109_172_Steven_Gabriella_372 110_171_Steven_Gabriella_373 111_165_Steven_Gabriella_379 112_164_Steven_Gabriella_380 113_162_Steven_Gabriella_382 114_161_Steven_Gabriella_383 115_160_Steven_Gabriella_384 116_159_Steven_Gabriella_385 117_158_Steven_Gabriella_386 118_157_Steven_Gabriella_387 119_156_Steven_Gabriella_388 120_155_Steven_Gabriella_389 127_130_Steven_Gabriella_414 130_122_Steven_Gabriella_422


Photography: Ryan Ray | Event Design and Planning: Love and Splendor Events | Floral Design: Adornments Flowers And Finery | Tabletop Rentals: Casa De Perrin | Cupcakes: Enjoy Cupcakes | Catering: Heirloom LA | Calligraphy: Anne Robin | DJ: RedShoe | Film Processing: Indie Film Lab | Furniture Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals | Music:Ray Fortune | Photobooth: ShutterBooth | Rentals: Classic Party Rentals