Cocktail Hour {part 3}

We conclude our Cocktail Hour Look Book with a athletic inspired design. Our design took a cue from the blue sports score board hanging above. Our Leather Armchairs, Schuman Bar, Chinook Cubby and Savoy Trophies played up the masculine yet sophisticated look. We Love our new golden Dalton Scale. Its such a great accessory piece for any of our bar tops or display tables! What a great way to end 2014 than with a gorgeous bar set up and a beautiful, one of a kind cocktail hour!

EMP_1573 EMP_1597 EMP_1555 EMP_1563 EMP_1565 EMP_1569 EMP_1561 EMP_1576 EMP_1580 EMP_1589 EMP_1598 EMP_1625 EMP_1629 EMP_1738 EMP_1730 EMP_1594 EMP_1715 EMP_1676 EMP_1705 EMP_1605 EMP_1683 EMP_1695 EMP_1741 EMP_1744 EMP_1748 EMP_1750 EMP_1753 EMP_1760 EMP_1599 EMP_1592 EMP_1586 EMP_1767


Found Pieces Used:

Schuman Bar, Dalton Scale, Chinook Cubby, Savoy Vintage Trophies, Franco Leather Chair, Ennis Table, Pillows, Francis Rug, Sutherlin Baseballs, Vintage Books.

Cocktail Hour {part 1}

We are so excited to share with you our brand new Cocktail Hour Look Book. It’s full of bar design ideas & new {found} pieces! Here is our first bar feature in our look book with some more detailed shots. We paired white & grey pieces with bright pops of red. How fun is the pairing of our new Dusk Copper Bar with the Naples Shelf? I’m really diggin’ the Red Bing Settee and Ali Beni Ourain Rug and our new Charter Chairs that match our Ellen and Knox couches. I would want to hang out here….would you?

EMP_2214 EMP_2298 EMP_2249 EMP_2077 EMP_2254 EMP_2210 EMP_2263 EMP_2116 EMP_2262 EMP_2108 EMP_2258 EMP_2106 EMP_2155 EMP_2265 EMP_2277 EMP_2270 EMP_2280 EMP_2271 EMP_2252 EMP_2276 EMP_2221 EMP_2216 EMP_2273 EMP_2244 EMP_2176 EMP_2189 EMP_2227 EMP_2072 EMP_2200 EMP_2195 EMP_2183 EMP_2246 EMP_2082

Happy Monday!


Found pieces used: Bing Settee, Ali Beni Ourain Rug, Dusk Copper Bar, Bellini Mercury Vase, Barron Mercury Vase, Bloom Mercury Vase, Van Ness Cream Vessels (set of 3), Crosby Coat Rack, Stunt Suitcase, Charter Armchair, Chrysler Side Table, Bethany Red Sugar Mold, Dickinson Vintage Books, Benny Clocks, Pillows, Munich Suitcase, Naples Shelf, Grand Vintage Cigar Boxes, Kinley Red Scale, Miley Bowling Pins, Tommy Bar Sign, Booker Red Suitcase, Cranford Metal Basket, London Zinc Bin, Eden Seed Pots.