Eclectic Smoke Bomb Wedding Inspiration

This smoke bomb wedding inspiration featured on Green Wedding Shoes today is just too fun, from the gem toned teal and copper details to the phenomenal backdrop and lounge (complete with a VW bus!). Take a peek below and be sure to get the details over on how LB Event Planning and Jesi Haack Design pulled of this artsy inspiration.

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photography: Laura Goldenberger // planning + design: LB Event Planning // venue: Wolf. Feather. Honey FARM + T H E I N T R E P I D W I L D // florals: Stella Bloom Designs // design: Jesi Haack Design and collaboration with Laura Goldenberger // stationery: Prim and Pixie // hair + makeup: Girl Meets Bongga // wedding dress: Bride Boutique LA // white tuxedo: Groom Studio // chambray tie: The Tie Bar // tabletop rentals + napkins: Borrowed Blu // lounge rentals + chairs: Found Vintage Rentals // table rental: A Rental Connection // mobile manicure bus: Jaunt Beauty Co // cake:Sweet and Saucy Shop // models: Lindsay Nesselroad, Wade Carr

Found Pieces Used: Sapphire Armchair, Jaden Rug, Maldives Rug, Hammer Copper Chairs, Indigo Pillows (set of 3), Rogan indigo cushion.

Pop of Color

Remember this gorgeous shoot? The sophisticated mix of color is chic, eclectic and so fun. We just love it!!

image-171 image-108 image-143



Photographed by: Mr. Haack

Robyn + Eddie

We love this coral + nautical inspired celebration at Terranea. What a happy day filled with color! The florals by Inviting Occasion over the ceremony are just breathtaking!! Caroline Tran captured all of the details of this sea side wedding so wonderfully. See even more details of Robyn & Eddies special day over on Style Me Pretty!

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ps. What a great color palette for upcoming Summer events!


Found pieces used: Sturbridge Grey Settee, Briscoe Short Box, Julia Couch, Delilah Rose Couch, Warner Grey Couch, Delilah Grey Couch, Rosa Grey Chair, Townsend Gingham Chair, Townsend Gingham Armchair, Alper Beige Chair, Fauna Mauve Chair, Truman Gold Nesting Tables (pair), Jude Brass Side Table, Powell Gold Nesting Tables (set of 3), Williamson Nesting Tables (set of 3), Shelley Brass Coffee Table, Gilroy Brass Side Table, Hopkins Coffee Table, Erickson Cabinet, Alto Rustic Easel.

Photography: Caroline Tran | Videographer: Elysium Productions | Event Planning: Carolyn Chen | Floral Design: Inviting Occasion | Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop | Hair & Makeup: Kelly Zhang | Lighting: G2 Audio And Lighting | Officiant: JP Reynolds | Venue: Terranea Resort | DJ Mc: Prokreation | Linens: Wildflower Linen | Paper Goods: Cherish Paperie | Paper Goods: Minted | Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals | Rentals: Archive Vintage Rentals | Rentals: Signature Rentals

Tashi’s Pelican Hill Bat Mitzvah

After meeting with Tashi the first time, it was clear that she wanted a very beachy cottage feel. She didn’t want it to look like you couldn’t sit down on the couches, or the kids couldn’t run around being kids. She wanted all of her friends to be comfortable and have fun. She loves teal and blue, so I just ran with those colors and designed everything “beachy” around that! Tashi is super relaxed and really just wanted her party to be relaxed and enjoyable for all of her guests. We wanted the cocktail hour (outdoor area) to feel sort of like a beach boardwalk, with a few games, and lemonade stands, cabana beds, and a tiki hut where the place cards were put. We also brought the outdoor cabanas, inside, and a ton of pillows and poofs and couches for the kids to eat on. We decided not to have them at dining tables, but instead just sitting throughout the various lounge vignettes. We constructed her photo booth to look like the inside of a beach cottage, where her friends could just fit on a couch, and take a picture together.

c1df1082a52d1fc08c17df360965287144e994d1 20 c7f449d7d767b6f1c6d295b29f2e010e9938b88e 1aad30da53e40b439fca9700a071431bd7a96b25 124 3a08de80a90d4435cde0f66516688e9d38ffa183 9ed0c024fe6b3a5cfa575dde53bdae412e3eafae 133 a5afbe583090ce08587ebb5e046bbf6f5db5fd85 1cc8b393ed74b8e1132ffda5cafcc26f696872e4 2ff788b0c5b0c2b4bee3c0979d3f7ea33d7937a8 34bd2062a546611274842bcaf34ee97b8e725e93 78e0ba673e8c48cd6a6074028c7a559df42947d2 1c5dc57c454fa318adebbae31b9e6c014faf957c 2c04d287402f23564ddb2d4ee86f1d629055a261 4c5f08ba8d180a84418c26508ef7825df630c8d0 4582a323d49cad65ce6e30b42d51dc884626a7ee fcbd7aab0e3583fd7d494422b58a02bf46e7dd5e 710 fb0207a70bf5d20f905f8214d06ad699819760e9 372404b27e9b71acd9f7022326006d20d8c57b61 e5d067829b1aa81e9f2787f8eb137fe904ddfd60 ca2b9a109d39df665a97e217f9890c36b4dfaf7a 104 34870ac6c3ec03e7e13e1997a30e869856b40aa0 75c2c26eba4ae77458d90f4de8de6535d4194428 117 ea537f2e1f740d2d26ada4e1f49ad0521de40848 80904e49bff065fdc664d44b4763079c67870bbc 35e0eb820d9efaef6204b773c31691dea310630e 825635dc9c80c7fe6863eb3cde22049ad2f6cf4b cba792890713184b3310d7324e12cded9f86eae0 181 db5ad811e167a5a39e06d9ea859dabe9d0429bc5 153 34f1106fd8ca32bd711d5a36540409b4bd2f1ca8 5505ae4bd52b38cfcf110f33aa0c5ea772b7e3aa 13cf7b5b94983a0b1ffa5921562b81264941374e 54326801238c4ce36a1c354c7975d7d9d08ebda0 b30821bb6c0d2213a2aa525f026291445a7dd72e d3dc3fea0b1a11f92f6b1bf1adcc853fa791995d c8464f66f9ea46a286209c943718bcb17f3ec589 d378813af4594d4f256034fe2324e2fce5a21bea e671a24957033a2bf81b9d54c85b0a87b2bb6543 f22bba5fd85636efdbba4968d4a657444badba81 f6369ef204d30168db6d8da6c2eeddddf54dafed 4d624a9150c15aa0735c1b47d00c04f3d3b4b768 1e5a6d1221f882f497f259eab0a543dba0af326f 8664cfaf9cd6a419957387ffba66d3d6f3524868 b6dda17e90c136f3a1041fc1cf72da74f6346af6 d563b701122e30eb55b77dd0e70d58c55e713dcf c4d9da3bb274875729c3d563cf382125622218d8 c01a1b190361cab037cd4690d093730c2bf08bcd 51fef221862d866b8180a0f8dccd4331238ee2e6


Some of the Found Pieces Used: Cecil Podium, Serena Urn, Lorelai Metal Urn, Anne Blue Schwinn Bicycle, Nadine Chippy Shelf, Justice Teal Metal Shelves, Hayley Shelves, Beech Minnow Net, Culver Metal Baskets, Driggs Life Preserver, Judith Basket, Trish Turquoise Metal Table, Cosette White Bistro Chair, Dixie Teal Gumball Machine, Morgan Large Reclaimed Table, Morgan Reclaimed Table, Colton Bar Stool, McLaughlin Metal Stool, Downy Wooden Bench, Dover Green Bench, Cherish Wooden Bench, Montgomery Grey Bench, Abery Grey Bench , Madison Square Side Table, Notch Wooden Stool, Pismo Wooden Stool, Mott Wooden Stool, Ruby Cabinet, Patch Standing Tub, Patch Standing Bowl, Admiral Wooden Boat, Jacobs Oar, Coral Yellow Buoy, McCann Tufted Couch, Chesie Blue Chair, Sherwin Side Table, Roland Blue Console Table, Daisy Daybed, Huntington Grey Bar, Jax Bar, Traver White Chippy Cabinet, Nixon Industrial Shelf, Large Theo Grey Table.
Photography: Studio EMP / Planner: Jeannie Savage, Details Details / Event Design: Jeni Maus of Found Rentals / Floral Design: Art With Nature / Vintage Furniture and Props: Found Rentals / Venue: Pelican Hill Resort / Rentals: Signature Party Rental / Revelry Event / Tabletop Rentals: Casa de Perrin / Linens: La Tavola Linen / Lighting: Shine Lighting / Insta Party Box / Deck it Out Case


The Colony House Party

We are thrilled to see The Colony House featured on Inspired by This today….and equally excited to show off some more pictures over here on our blog! This new venue has so many amazing elements that we just adore, so 24 Carrots Catering asked us to provide the furniture for their open house, it was a no-brainer, especially when I get to work with my dear friend Larrissa from Inviting Occassion. She is a master of design and detailing so we feel lucky any chance we get to be a part of her designs. The concept for the party was a sort of botanical garden with industrial elements….what do you think?  StudioEMP-0654StudioEMP-0647 detail4 StudioEMP-0656 DETAIL7 StudioEMP-0690 DETAIL6 StudioEMP-0696 detail1 StudioEMP-0642 detail2 StudioEMP-0609 StudioEMP-0833 StudioEMP-0721 COCKTAIL2 StudioEMP-0852 StudioEMP-0669 detail3 StudioEMP-0849 StudioEMP-0599 DETAIL9 StudioEMP-0629 detail12 StudioEMP-0775 detail16 StudioEMP-0681 cocktail StudioEMP-0735 StudioEMP-0700 StudioEMP-0936 StudioEMP-0727 DETAIL5 StudioEMP-0897 StudioEMP-0703 StudioEMP-0724 StudioEMP-0714 StudioEMP-0752 StudioEMP-0769 StudioEMP-0764 StudioEMP-0768 StudioEMP-0840 StudioEMP-0757 StudioEMP-0792 StudioEMP-0795 DETAIL8 StudioEMP-0758 detail13 StudioEMP-0770 StudioEMP-1054 StudioEMP-1051 StudioEMP-0783 StudioEMP-0760 StudioEMP-1043 StudioEMP-0788 StudioEMP-0790 StudioEMP-0805 StudioEMP-1062 StudioEMP-1034 StudioEMP-0863 StudioEMP-0830 StudioEMP-0822 StudioEMP-0814 StudioEMP-0818 StudioEMP-0825 detail15 StudioEMP-0884 StudioEMP-0891 StudioEMP-07300 StudioEMP-0904 StudioEMP-1002 detail14 StudioEMP-07292 StudioEMP-0995 StudioEMP-07296 StudioEMP-07306



Found pieces used: Morgan Reclaimed TableMorgan Large Reclaimed TableMcLaughlin Metal StoolColton Bar StoolMacy Round Side TableClint Leather Bridge ChairBombay Side TableVaughn Black TableGraham Metal ChairLarge Stutton Green TableBrett Upholstered Bentwood ChairVaughn Wooden TableAnastasia Large Ornate MirrorAldrich Metal TableGrover Rolling ShelfBleeker Industrial Console TableHeidi Glass DomeEastburg SetteeJonathan Black Club ChairNeale Wooden Side TableAsil Beni Ourain RugTig Side TableKirkland Industrial Console TableBurton ChairRoland White Console TableGunnar Coffee TableEquestrian Side TableTatum Wooden CubbiesEverest CouchBraxton Upholstered OttomanEverly TableDescanso BasketOscar Green ScaleEvette White CouchCrandall Green ChairBrookside RugCopland Industrial TableDahlia Display Shelf, Downy Wooden BenchAnise Wooden StoolOtsby Wooden StoolHenderson Coffee TableThelma Teal TrayMaverick Basket, Nicholas Side TableZimmerman Grey Cubby HolesNewton Card CatalogNatural Jocelyn Tufted CushionLorena Indigo CushionBonavita Side Table, Bujah Beni Ourain RugBernard GateTate Green Doors. plus a variety of baskets and boxes found in our vessel collection.

Catering: 24 carrots / Floral and Design: Inviting Occasion  /Furniture and decor: Found Vintage Rentals / Photographer: Studio EMP / Paper Goods: Lovely Paper Things / DJ: Elevated Pulse / Videography: The Wonderland Group / Linens: La Tavola Linen / Rentals: Classic Party Rentals / Rentals: Signature Party Rentals / Band: The Society Band / The AKJOHNSTON Group