Cocktail Hour {part 2}

We are sharing with you our second part of our festive, cocktail hour, look book. This set up revolved around our new Masters Copper Bar. This two-tone green bar, with a copper top is absolutely perfect. I bought the base on a recent buying trip to Texas and found out it was a store counter that came from the east coast. The top was originally leather, but had completely deteriorated over the years. I thought a copper top would be the perfect compliment to this beautiful green base, and I couldn’t be happier with that decision!  We kept the tone consistent with vintage copper moscow mule mugs placed in our Fern Cubby (which is a perfect barback if you ask me). We couldn’t resist putting our new Maxon Mantle in to add to the holiday decor! We hope you get the chance to enjoy these gorgeous pieces soon. Cheers!


EMP_1819 EMP_1782 EMP_1801 EMP_1806 EMP_1808 EMP_1893 EMP_1791 EMP_1898 EMP_1797 EMP_1886 EMP_1888 EMP_1865 EMP_1812 EMP_1877 EMP_1836 EMP_1870 EMP_1841 EMP_1846 EMP_1821 EMP_1843 EMP_1859 EMP_1832 EMP_1880 EMP_1904 EMP_1907 EMP_1934 EMP_1962 EMP_1968 EMP_1955 EMP_1983 EMP_1998 EMP_2005 EMP_2017 EMP_1980 EMP_2016 EMP_1984
EMP_2035 EMP_2025


Found Pieces Used: Masters Copper Bar, Fern Cubby, Maxon Mantle, Morrison Vintage Decanters, Dickinson Vintage Books, Gold Tray, Jocelyn Cream Cushion, Oscar Green Scale, Hess Basket,Linda Wood Box, Eugene Grey Settee, Eugene Armchairs, Haversham Plaid Ottoman, Durango Rug, Basil Gilded Box, Tulip Brass Pots, Loma Candlesticks, Barret Basket.

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! I hope you are all done with the hustle and bustle and are able to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy your family. I am excited to play some board games, eat lots of yummy food, and watch the joy and excitement on my kids faces. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the happiness this season has to offer!



A special thanks to my hubby, Studio EMP for shooting all of these beautiful advent photos!


December 18th….

I found this cute little silver Christmas tree at the Long Beach Flea Market this past Sunday and I just love how perfectly simple it is. I think this might be my new favorite tree! I couldn’t decide if I like the vintage Swiss Army pillow, or the vintage Kantha blanket paired with it? Decisions, decisions….which do you like best?

studio_EMP-6881 studio_EMP-6884 studio_EMP-6890(1)studio_EMP-6894

One more week until Christmas Day! Are you ready?


A special thanks to my hubby, Studio EMP for shooting all of these beautiful advent photos!