Thanksgiving look book part 2

Continuing with our Thanksgiving Holiday inspiration we put together a cozy little nook that would be perfect to curl up and read a book, join in conversation, or just relax with a glass of wine. There are no rules on holidays, but whatever you do, stay cozy.

StudioEMP-9875 StudioEMP-9868 detail2 StudioEMP-9871 detail1 StudioEMP-9891


Found Pieces:  Linka Kilim Pillows (set of 3), Dali Rug, Indigo Pillows (set of 3), Chestnut Large Suitcase, Bedstuy Table, Erica Sugar Mold, Antigua Metal Bin, Habbly Wooden Hub, Heelay Wagon Hub, Vin Leaning Ladder.

Thanksgiving Look Book Part 1

Have I mentioned how much I love Thanksgiving? Well get ready, because this week is going to be full of nothing but Thanksgiving posts and inspiration. You might be sick of it by the end of the week….but we couldn’t help but share some of our favorite decorating ideas for the coziest day of the year!  We started with a simple color palette of indigo, gray, white, leather, copper, and wood tones and Joel’s gorgeous studio was the perfect blank canvas for all of our vignettes. Check back each day to see what we put together and let us know what you think!

StudioEMP-9821 StudioEMP-9823 dtail3 StudioEMP-9808 StudioEMP-9851 StudioEMP-9842 detail2 StudioEMP-9856 StudioEMP-9850


Found Pieces: Haymaker Leather Settee, Lago Indigo Armchairs, Cottam Sisal Rug, Indigo Pillows, Meyer Brown Demijohn, Totemic Side Table, Abe Tree Stump, Bergamot Batik Cushion, Pacific Wood Coffee Table, Erica Sugar Mold, Danny Wooden Vase, Pillows (set of 3).


December 6th…

This is my favorite chair in our inventory. We even named it Jeni because I love it so much. Some people might look at it and think it is a piece of junk, falling apart, in need of repair. But I think it is perfectly perfect. I love finding old French chairs with the original fabric, holding so much character and history in every last stitch. And the aged Christmas tree just pairs so nicely with it, don’t you think?

studio_EMP-5853 2 studio_EMP-5854 2


A special thanks to my hubby, Studio EMP for shooting all the photos for the advent calendar!